Super Woman…Aka my sister

So this is a little something out of the ordinary but I know how many people view my blog and when I first publish a post, I get roughly 350 views on it the first day.  Now I would love for it to be way more, but I just keep telling myself “in time”.  So this is a little post dedicated to my sister Shannon.

My sister had my favorite little human, Hadley, Decemeber 9 in 2011, I’m unsure of how much she gained in this pregnancy but I do know that a few short months later she was back to her pre baby weight.  Then, this past May, she gave birth to my other favorite little human Eizley, and gained the baby weight back.  Pretty normal right?  Well of course it is normal, but Eizley was a special little human, she was quite the handful the first few months with lots of sickness, colic, and just all around fussy-ness.  So now Eizley has tubes and has done a complete 180.  My sister however, had dedicated the first 4 months of Eizley’s life to, of course, Eizley.  Shannon wasn’t happy with how she looked and like before, she did something about it.  Only she took it to the next level.  My sister is now a coach for Beach Body.  (I honestly don’t know how it all works but I will link you her page)  Here is her before and after picture…

10731180_10152580691393021_1714722983090588274_nThis is her story…

I have been chosen to participate as an apprentice coach in the next Royal Republic Fitness Challenge. It’s an online fitness group that I started in 8 months ago. After I had my youngest daughter, I was so unhappy with how I looked and felt. I kept telling myself that, “its ok, you just had a baby”, or “the weight will come off on its own”. Well, here I was 4 months after having my second baby and I still had 30 pounds to loose. I wanted results NOW. I connected with a former nursing school classmate via Facebook, joined a challenge group, started a workout program called PiYO and started drinking Shakeology and I lost ALL my baby weight and gained more STRENGTH than I ever had. And I did this all in 4 months!! I have had so much success with this lifestyle that I want to share what I have learned and HELP YOU have this. Exercise SAVED MY SANITY. My second daughter was colicky for the first 3 months and then had 4 ear infections in 4 months after that. My husband and I were walking Zombies. Exercise made me a more HAPPY and PATIENT person and literally kept me from going off the edge. It gave me ENERGY even when I had been up all night the night before. I truly am a better wife and mom when I take time each day to focus on me. EVERYONE deserves this! I have the FIRE and the DRIVE to help YOU do this and reach your goals! My journey is not complete, I am still in a work in progress but I would love it if you would let me HELP YOU and have YOU join this journey with me.

So now that your know my story, here is the BEST part! I get to bring 3 FRIENDS with me to join me in this challenge group! Does this interest you? Are you ready to make a change? Then comment below or message me!

Words cannot even describe how proud of her I am.  I think my sister looks amazing in her husbands old T shirts or all dolled up, but to see her and know that SHE also feels amazing and knows she looks amazing is a whole new ball game.  Shannon puts everyone before herself and the fact that she has taken this time for herself and became selfish for the first time in what?…almost 4 years is the coolest thing ever.  Please look at my sisters page and ask yourself if this is something you want as well… Shannon would do anything for anyone so I just have to shamelessly advertise for her.

Her email also is

Also, here are some snapshots of why I love my sister so much…

1014073_10203733239549466_2385523569449441864_n 1601260_10204030359457278_7749683566073746412_n 10410924_10152572715628021_7025074493414782083_n 10920906_10152572688378021_5843528257844781687_n



Welcome To 7204

IMG_05857204 is where you can find Prilipp Party of Three now.  We are in West Des Moines and are over the moon about our new adventure.  Is it perfect?  Everything I ever dreamed of?  Almost.  Our house isn’t sold, I get anxiety every time I drive, and (to keep things simple) I can see that my new job is going to take a little more adjusting than I thought.  But besides all of that, Adam and I are so happy to be here.  We have started a new workout regimen, been out with our friends, had dinner parties, and I may have swiped my debit card a few too many times at Sephora.  Clearly I haven’t been updating my blog, I’ve been busy getting settled in, decorating, driving around trying not to die, hitting up a few bars, and of course lounging around with Adam and Zelda.  Real important stuff.  So lets fill you all in!

Unfortunately this is not a make up blog, I’m waiting for my brother to finish with my website before I do anymore of those.  He claims he’s been busy, but I mean come on, the man works at Amazon in Seattle…how busy can he be?  So much sarcasm there.  Let’s be real, I’m so thankful for my brother doing all that he has done, I would be okay with it not launching until July.  No, not really…February wouldn’t be too shabby tho 🙂  So I guess you will have to just make do with some of my journal entires (or so I call them).

Welcome to our condo! It’s a 1200 square foot, 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath, paradise.  It’s so cozy and homey.  I used all the decorations from our home in Owatonna, obviously, but with the walls all being the same color and the white doors, instead of an eclectic feel, it has more of a modern and cohesive feel, which I’m okay with!  It’s a nice change.


Our sectional couch that my husband graphed into to AUTOCAD at work just to see if it would fit. It did. Phew.


Our shoe rack from IKEA! It’s so slick and convenient, all you do is screw it into the wall and then the drawers pull out and you slide the shoes in at an angle


Fireplace with my favorite wedding photo 🙂


My favorite vintage shelf came with, however we didn’t have a place for it, so it serves as a hidden gem! Oh, and I love my little piggy.


So it’s an open floor plan, and flows so nicely 🙂 Here’s our dining room


My Great Grandmothers cabinet that I painted a beautiful silver! Also, picture credit goes to my Aunt Farrah!


Just some lovely decorations from our local boutique in Algona calledThe Market.


It’s taken me awhile to get used to my dark cabinets, I was so in love with my white cabinets, but I will not complain.


Can you spot the kitty? Look at all my counter space!


Let’s just mosey on down the hallway and to the right is the spare bedroom with a bathroom attached.


It’s a work in progress


And now…where the magic happens!

You know, my clothes, make up, and jewelry.


Our bedroom set was from Ikea and our king mattress is a Restonic (similar to Tempurpedic) we used our honeymoon money on our mattress and furniture. Best choice ever.


My diffuser…thanks again to my Aunt Farrah!


This bed is a slice of heaven


Don’t mind the clothes in the corner, Adam has a vanity on the other side as well. Not sharing a sink is actually something I never thought I could care about…now however, I will never share a sink with him again 🙂


All the small frames are from our wedding that were set on the tables.

Hope you all enjoyed my little tour.  Most of my decorations are from Target, TJ Max, thrift stores, IKEA, The Phoenix, The Market, and from our wedding registry.

We are both so excited about what is yet to come…Here are some snapshots of our journey so far…

IMG_0737 IMG_0729 IMG_0717 IMG_0703 IMG_0741 IMG_0620 IMG_0668


Plot Twist!

You know that saying “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans”?  Welp, plans have changed once again.  In a series of unexpected events my husband was offered a job in West Des Moines working for Larson Engineering.  A lot of you may be scratching your head and wondering why would we move, and some of you are simply nodding your heads saying “I wondered when it was going to happen”.  After the miscarriage we both realized that living up here is not where we wanted to raise a family, so we put it on the back burner in hopes that in a year or two we would be closer to family and friends.  However, an opportunity arose and we took it.  The real big plot twist?  We move in three weeks.  Our house goes up for sale tomorrow (Monday) and we will be Des Moines metro residents by the new year.  EEEK!  I honestly haven’t really been able to process how happy it makes me.  Most of our friends and a lot of our family are in Des Moines and it will be amazing to be close to them again.

We have made many friends and even more memories here in Owatonna, it’s been a crazy ride.  Buying our first home that we thought would be our 5 year home, didn’t turn out how we planned, but who plans life anyways?

We are still in the process of telling friends and family, but like always, sometimes this is the easiest way to do it and I like the element of surprise sometimes and this is a good surprise!!  Adam told his work on Friday and I told my bosses on Thursday and informed my co teachers this weekend.  Word will get out soon enough through the grapevine I know or everyone can just read this blog and bam, cats out of the bag.

We will not be buying a house, instead we will be renting a town home/apartment in West Des Moines for the first year…one that is pet friendly of course!

This post is a little vague as I feel kind of scatterbrained writing it out, I don’t really know what to say as we literally need to get our crap together in three weeks.  I’ve been selling so much stuff that we don’t need as well as throwing out tons of junk.  Live simpler right?

We are asking for positive vibes and prayers as we hope our house sells quickly, our realtor had lots of faith that it wouldn’t sit on the market for long.

Here’s a picture of how we celebrated the good news…yes it’s frozen pizza…but the wine was $8 so we felt fancyIMG_1683

So cheers to new beginnings and never knowing whats going to happen next!


Since we are just announcing fun things all around… my blog will be titled….

Lipstick & Lavender.

I am so excited.


When Your Hands Match Your Lips



This is a good look for my hands right?

As I promised, some more blog pictures as well as what I used for this chilly, but charming shoot.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that our hands were the color of my lips.

Base: Too Faced Primer

Foundation: Ready Set Gorgeous by Covergirl in 115 blended with my Beauty Blender

Concealer: Ready Set Gorgeous by Covergirl in Fair & Maybelline Instage Age Rewind Eraser for Dark Circles in Light Pale

Cheeks: Covergirl Instant Cheekbones ( This is a 3 color palette, I do not have the name for it and the link does not have the colors that I have)

Highlighter: Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighter that came in the palette

Eyebrows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Taupe with her #12 brush

Powder: MakeUp Forever HD powder

Contour: Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

Eyes: Blue Eyes Smashbox (this has been discontinued), NYX Super Skinny Eyeliner, Make Up Forever Mascara in Smoky Extravagant , Sephora White Liner, Rimmel London Eyeshadow Stick in Bulletproof Beige, Andrea Fake Lashes Black 15

Lips: NYX Transylvania, Rimmel London Exaggerate lip liner in Innocent, Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Shameless 10631255_734272753329558_2060992319229128046_o


Hair: Alyssa Wobschall from HaiRevolutionSalon.  Alyssa used a level 6 cool slate from the all-nutrient certified organic color line.  I go in at least once every 6 weeks for a cut or a color, and now with me wanting to go over to the dark side for the winter, I’ve visited her three times in the past few months to get my color just how I like it.  My hair tends to pull a lot of warmth and gold tones & can start to look dingy and brassy.  So she tried a new color she hadn’t used before and we will see how this takes to my hair.  Don’t expect your stylist to get your color right the first time,  your hair sometimes has a mind of it’s own, a color that looks good on you, may look terrible on another person because of the way their hair is.  (I’m no color expert, just had years of experience).  I will say this is my favorite color so far as well as cut.  Yay Alyssa!

Dress, Boots, Hat: Target

Purse: Kohls


My make up for this shoot was a little different than normal.  I wanted to make sure that it fit with the “old polaroid” vibe we 10636072_734272749996225_7981773569513643476_nwere trying to achieve as well as show up on the photographs in a way that was appealing to my viewers.  What I mean by this is, I want you to clearly see what products I used and where I used them, I wasn’t going for a natural look by any means.  I wanted to go bold, vintage, & powerful.  I wanted to make my upper lash line very thick and dark with the help of fake eyelashes because I knew we were going to get some artsy fartsy shots of me looking down.  I also wanted to really make use of my Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour palette because it’s safe to say I’m obsessed.  I don’t have the proper brush for it yet, but I do have a tapered brush that works well for the cheek contouring and more dense brush for under my eyes for the lighter contouring, I then blend it all together so it’s more uniform with my handy-dandy beauty blender.

I will be making a post dedicated to the contouring palette because it’s just so amazing that transformation that your face can take when it is used properly.  (I’m still learning, the pigmentation is legit.  Be careful)10847057_892878137391896_520958312_n

Some new products that I used this time were mostly drugstore brands.  Everyone is raving about the Kylie Jenner plump lip craze which actually can easily be achieved by lining your lips with a nude liner.  Granted I had a color on my lip, it still gave me a a nice little pout without trying.  My brother’s girlfriend sent me a picture of her wearing the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Shameless and suggested I try it.  It really is some incredible stuff.  It is very opaque and like the title says, matte.  It stays on and really doesn’t bleed.

Otherwise, most of the products used, I have posted about before and it will easily be accessible once my brother and I get my website finished.  So until then I will still be posting but just know that when “______ & ______” goes viral, there will be specific places for “products used” and you can readily access them without having to go through all my previous postings.



Christmas Wish List & Our Life Journey Continued!

IMG_1583So its football Sunday, which means I have to shut my mouth for the next few hours so this is usually when I pick up my computer and aimlessly blog.  My husbands amazing Aunt Farrah (for all who know her, she really is the bees knees) recently asked for our Christmas list.  I at the time, had already given what I really wanted to my parents and Adams parents but then I started to think real hard at stuff that I recently have had my eye on but didn’t want to purchase for myself for fear that Adam would lock me in the closet under the stairs for buying MORE beauty related crap.  So asking for it for Christmas (even if it’s a little on the spendy side) is always the way to go.  You can always cross your fingers and wish for a miracle.

Side note: No Christmas is not about gifts, it’s about spending time with family and loved ones and remembering the birth of Baby Jesus.  BUT to me, Christmas is also about finding that perfect gift for the person you love and watching their face light up cause you know that you f’n nailed gift giving.  So, before I get a nasty comment about being all about gifts, trust me, I’ll be the first to say that giving gifts is more fun than receiving them…unless they open it up and you can see it in their face that you DID NOT nail the gift…and that’s when you make up the excuse “sooo, yeah here’s the receipt I couldn’t find what you were talking about so I thought that I’d just take a gamble….no no…it’s totally cool if it’s not you, I am not offended”.  (then you get in the car after Christmas and you repeatedly beat yourself up over screwing up)  At least that’s what I do because I have anxiety and if I even mess up a conversation with someone I will replay it in my head over and over and wish upon a star that I can go back in time and not say that extremely inappropriate response.  So.  End side note.

While brainstorming gifts for Farrah, I found a few things that indeed, I did want, and eventually will get for myself but in time because they are out of our budget as of now.

Unitrex – Aroma Mist Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser, 1 diffuser41+yXuJlG7L._SX425_

I’ve read many reviews about diffusers for Essential Oils (I’m partial to DoTerra) and you can type into Amazon DoTERRA essential oil diffuser and you will come up with many different diffusers like….

doTERRA Petal Diffuser


Which reading the reviews, you can decide for yourself what you are looking for.  I wanted something durable and pretty basic looking, and a little cheaper so, that my preference.

Along with the diffuser I sent her some links to some oils that I’ve been interested in.

21piLvzLG4L 71ozW4fceIL._SL1500_ 818p3r7XhgL._SL1500_ 71V9IIHZJqL._SL1500_

Cold pressed from the peel, Wild Orange releases an energizing, citrusy aroma.


image1Just a super quick post.  My brother has my name for Christmas this year and unfortunately they aren’t going to make it home this year for Christmas.  However, Josh sent me a text this afternoon telling me what one part of my gift is.  My brother is buying me a domain name for my website.  Yup folks, this girl is getting her OWN website.  So, my blog is going to be under construction for awhile and things will be changing but I am SO EXCITED.  There will be a special place for each of my posts as I can now file them under things such as “makeup”,”marriage”, “fashion” etc.  I also have given my blog a new name which I cannot wait to unveil when I get it up and running.

I have always wanted to do this and I have actually had another offer from a friend to buy me my own domain, however, it’s something that I was always nervous about but with my brother helping me to manage my site until I get the hang of it, I am actually extremely excited to get this started.  I am also back into my journaling and writing and I have started a short story that I would love to start publishing what I have started sometime when this new shiny toy of mine is up and running.

I’m bursting at the seams to tell you the name but I will hold back…

Anywhosey… we will just play it by ear and see when the next posting will be.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Adam and I went home to Algona and had such a great time!  We celebrated his 26th birthday as well as my dad’s birthday on the 28th.  That was also Baby P’s due date.  We choose to smile, and be happy for it because it’s time to start moving on.  It’s almost a new year.  IMG_1274

We found out that my thyroid level is very high which could be what is preventing us from getting pregnant the second time so December 2 I have an appointment to talk about my options.  For those of you who don’t know…your thyroid controls almost everything.  It can lead to depression, anxiety, weightloss, weight gain, bulging eyes, loss of hair, bladder issues, etc etc.  The list is endless.  A normal thyroid level for a woman who wants to get pregnant is between a 1 & 2, well mine is at a 5.20.  So this story will continue.  December 8 is my cystoscopy so that story continues as well.

So in the mean time, I hope everyone will eat, drink, and be merry!!

 image2   image3

Tis The Season To Be Mauvy (Jolly…get it?)

image1 copy

We have officially made it through our last wedding of the season.  It was so beautiful, classy, elegant, and full of “spirit”.  By that I mean alcohol of course.

  image2 copyimage4 copy 

For this look, I went with a lot of drugstore products because in all honesty, while I love high end products, I know that a lot of my viewers don’t have access to a Sephora, or don’t want to shop online for products that they have never used.  On top of that, make up is spendy and with Christmas around the corner, I don’t have the funds to get everything on my wish list, so for now I am making do with my local Wal-Greens goodies.

Lets start with my face.  The morning of the wedding I did a Glam-Glow mud mask followed by my regular skin care routine with my Clearasil products.  With the winter months ahead my skin gets so dull, dry, and flaky so I came across some Vitamin E oil at my local Hy-Vee and I mix it with some Tea Tree oil also from Hy-Vee (I’m waiting for my Doterra oils to come in!)  I apply that to my face (the oils only at night). Three times a week I do my Neutrogena exfoliator and apply my oils.  This gives my face a healthy glow that I desperately need in the winter.image3

After having a clean face you need to apply your base.  You can however, if you are using darker eyeshadows and going for a smokey look, apply your eye make up first and then do your foundation and concealer.  This helps with the “flurries” I call them that fall onto your face from the eye shadows, simply remove the flurries with a fan brush and start your foundation.

Now like I said, I used all drugstore products and yes, NYX is sold at Target finally!!!  I started with the NYX Pore Filler from Target.  Then using my Beauty Blender (got a new one, with some extra goodies!) I dotted my Ready Set Gorgeous foundation 115 onto my cheek bones, chin, forehead, and nose.  Next I took my Eco Tools flat brush and blended it in to my skin,image14 then taking my beauty blender again, I blended all that in until it evened out leaving me with as close to a flawless finish as I can get.  Next, I took my two concealers Ready Set Gorgeous in 105/110 to cover up any of my blemishes and then used my Maybelline  age rewind concealer under my eyes to lighten them up.


Following my foundation I do my eyebrows…my favorite thing to do ever!! Now, I don’t have any powder to set my foundation yet on purpose, I do my eyebrows, clean them up with concealer and then set with powder.  For my brows I reach for my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in Taupe, this is a new color for me as I used to use Blonde, but I felt washed out and it was too warm for my brows so I invested in a new color, and it is fabulous.  I have her brush #12 as well.  This brush is a must, I tried to do without it for a while and it just wasn’t working as well as I knew it could, so I upset my husband a bit and put in an order for a new brow set, and I couldn’t be happier.  Following my brows, like I stated earlier, I take my small concealer brush, the skinny white one in the upper photo and dip it into my concealer and trace around my brows cleaning up any bleeding from pomade and shaping them up overall.  Then I set my whole face, usually with the Make Up Forever HD Powder but this time I chose to use the Ready Set Gorgeous powder in 115/120.



This is a beauty blender cleaner in a soap bar foam…SO AMAZING!

Now it’s time for contouring!! Like always, I used my Blank Canvas Cosmetics palette with my old Beauty Blender image11that I got wet and used the three colors that you see are almost gone.  The darkest, in the picture I use to contour my cheeks and blend it in with the blender and then move up to my hairline and my forehead with the same color.  Then I use a combination of the white and yellow and highlight under my eyes, in between my eyes (nose bridge and forehead) around my eyebrows, and under my nose.  I hope that’s not confusing.  After I have contoured I take a cleaner beauty blender and blend it in better and take my big powder brush and lightly dip it into my Too Faced Bronzer and just swipe it over all the places I used the darker powder, just for a more natural look.

  image3 copyimage7

Blush time!! I always use a combination of blushes, I like to use a darker blush and then a pinker blush on the apples of my cheeks.  I blended Soft Sable from Covergirl and Blushing Bride from Tarte onto my cheeks and used my highlighter from Physicians Formula.  Like I said earlier, I did just put in an order from Sephora and I always try to buy products that come with image10smaller samples of other products so I can try out different brands and products without paying full price for them.  With that being said, this last order I received some samples from Benefit.  I haven’t tried the “that girl” which is a pinkish tone brightening primer.  I did use “girl meets pearl” that is used as a liquid highlighter that I used on the highest part of my cheek bone.image13

Doesn’t this seem like a lot of work?!  In all honesty once you get the hang of it and you become comfortable and skilled at what you want to do for your make up routine, it doesn’t take that long.

Now lets do the eyes real quick here.  Like I said, I used all drugstore products for the purpose of this blog.  Normally I would use my Smashbox, or Naked Palette of shadows but I found this palette at Wal-Greens from Maybelline called “The Nudes”. image15 I’m going to be honest here, yes the price is desirable but the pigment I didn’t like with the lighter colors, it didn’t seem to latch onto my shadow brushes, nor did it blend well onto my eyelid.  With that being said, you get what you pay for, so for basic day to day eyeshadow, I think I will use it more, but for more of a dramatic eye I feel that a higher end shadow palette will work a lot better.  So as you can see I had a multitude of brushes that I used.  For a smokey eye you need a blender brush, your basic run of the mill shadow brush, an angled brush and a smudge brush.  If you are looking into investing into some brushes here is a set, and this one from Sigma if you wanna spend a little more.  I wish I could tell you exactly what colors I used but they don’t have names/labels so I can give you a general idea.  I took the first shadow and put it on my inner eye and eyelid.  Then I took a shimmery brown and applied it on half of my eye near the corner and then took the darkest brown mixed with the black and smudged it out in the outer corner and then took a blending brush and blended it all together creating a more uniformed look.  I then used a highlighter below my brow from Maybelline, just a basic white powder to finish off the look and blend the colors together better near the top of my crease.  I used my NYX eyeliner Super Skinny Marker and lined the top of my lashes and winged it out, then I took two of the brown colors and used my smudge brush to smudge along the bottom lash line and finished off with my Butterfly Effect Mascara.

The finishing touches included my lip color from NYX in Transylvania and my all time favorite scent Burberry The Beat.  I included my hair products that I used that night as well.  I wanted a sleek look and in all honesty I ran out of time to do my hair so it was pretty much just blow dried and I crossed my fingers that it would look sleek and effortless.  I think I managed.  I used Moroccan Oil, Verb Root Spray, Rusk Hairspray, and Verb Sea Salt Spray.  I used a round brush and flipped out one side of my hair and then used a straightener to straighten the ends.IMG_0704

image12 image2 image4

My outfit was from Kohls and Target as well as my booties.  The night was wonderful…but as always I include in my posts updates on how Adam and I are doing.  The picture below sums it up.  No I’m not making light of my situation but right now these are what get me through my days.  Zoloft, (50 mg and 150 mg…so two different bottles) Ativan, Clonazepam, and Myrbetriq.  The Mybertriq costs us $300 that our insurance doesn’t cover, it is supposed to help with the pressure I have in my bladder but we won’t know much until December 8 when I do my cystoscopy.  The longer this continues the more Adam and I feel that my anxiety is a huge part of it, but at the same time, we need to rule out that there is anything abnormal going on.  I am happy to say however that I have started running at the gym and lifting again, as of two weeks ago I was 119 and scared to death, today I am 124, now this could be from water, drinking, wedding food, regardless…this is the most I’ve weighed in almost 3 months and I could not be happier.  I am hoping it is a sign that maybe my anxiety is subsiding and letting my body begin to be “normal” again, or whatever my normal is.  I am continuing therapy and working on quieting my mind/thoughts and taking time out of my day to be still and quiet.  But at the same time, talking to Adam about how I feel and what is going through my mind helps out as well..little bit of a double ended sword-be quiet, but talk about things.  I recently attended a Doterra Essential Oils party so I am looking forward to receiving them and trying them out.


The Holidays are coming up so I’m sure I will have some outfit posts/make up posts/updates on how that all went.  As always, thanks for reading, health and happiness to all and enjoy the upcoming holidays.  Spend time with your family, drink, eat, and be merry.