Wedding Make Up

I’ve got some make up looks to tell you about!

June 13 I did my biggest bridal party to date.  It was five or six girls (I honestly lost count) and I was given a pretty short amount of time to be honest, but it was SO much fun.  The tough thing about doing a big group of girls is that they all have their own style, own foundation, and how they want to look.  It’s always a little nerve racking, but I assure them that if they look in the mirror and don’t see what they want to, tell me, and let’s fix it until it’s right.  Some girls will go back over my work again with their own make up and that is totally fine with me.  (I would probably do the same)  Anyways, here is the bride, Hannah.  Talk about the most gracious person ever.  So easy to work with, beautiful, charming, and so positive!  With Hannah we prepped her face with her Mary-Kay primer, and Too-Faced eye primer.  I then used gift wrapping tape and taped a two inch long piece of tape onto her face making a straight line from her outer eye lid.  I do this when I’m in a time crunch and don’t need to worry about being precise.  We used a mixture of eyeshadows but mostly kept with a mauvey-purple look.  We used the Naked 2 Palette as well as a matte mauve color Skinny Dip from NYX.  We then applied fake lashes she got from Sephora and lined her upper lids with just a small cat eye.  Hannah isn’t a fan of eyeliner in her water line, and prefers to do her liner herself under her lower lash line, so she lined her eyes and I highlighted the inner corner of her eye with Too-Faced Candlelight highlighter.  Next she put on a Bare-Minerals tinted moisturizer and I followed up with an IMG_3556under eye highlghter and her Bare Minerals powder foundation. We used an Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil to fill in her awesome brows that she had just gotten threaded for the big day!  Then I lightly contoured with my Anastasia Beverly Hills palette and with a wet beauty blender I blended all her powders together for an even finish.  We used a blush that she had gotten from an Ipsy bag I believe so I can’t tell you what the blush was.  She then finished the look with her own lip gloss and water-proof mascara.  She loved how her eyes looked with the fake eyelashes.  I recommend fake eyelashes for any big event!  We set her make up with the Urban Decay setting spray.  I usually don’t like setting sprays with alcohol in them, but for a long day like a wedding, it holds the best (in my opinion).  I don’t have pictures of the other bridesmaids but they all kept their look similar to Hannah’s with a smokey eye.

As for my look for the night, it was more dramatic than what I usually do.  I went with a navy smokey eye and a pink lip, I kept IMG_3539my contouring/bronzing to a minimum since my eyes were so dramatic.  I used all my usual products for this look.  My dress is from ASOS, their maternity line, and I was in love.  It held everything in seamlessly, which is a good thing because the reception food was TO DIE FOR.

I spiced it up with my hair and added two braids and secured it in the back with a simple bun.  When I really do up my make up, I like to wear my hair up to make my face stand out.  IMG_3531


How hott is my date?


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