Mail Time!!

On Monday I got so many new things in the mail!  Etsy, BhCosmetics, and Amazon all decided to shower me with gifts!  I love that when I get packages, rarely do I remember what I ordered.

From Etsy: (Still waiting on two of my items to arrive for Kerrigan)

Ahhh!! My heart is melting from this hat.  PoshPeanutKids is a store on Etsy that I stumbled upon and fell in love with this lavender and gold sparkly bow newborn hat.  These are the colors we have been drawn to with Kerrigan.  Her dad and I aren’t huge fans of the classic “baby pink” so we gravitate more on purple shades.  This is the hat that hopefully her head fits into on tIMG_3734he day of her arrival.  (Here daddy has a pretty big head!) Maybe it’s me being a first time mom, but I want Kerrigan to come into this world and wear things that I’ve gotten for her.  I want her items to smell like her new home, having little things like a hat, mittens, and a blanket to be welcomed into the world with that are from home makes my heart smile.  I’m sure if,when, we have a second little nugget, I’ll be all like, “don’t care, wrap that precious bundle up in whatever ya got.”

Stay tuned for her nursery reveal (it’s not finished yet)!  

A lot of this pregnancy has involved some ER visits and extra doctor appointments for various reasons.  Mostly because I’m a worry-wart, but also because strange things seem to happen to me.  Almost everything I’ve dealt with this pregnancy besides the all day sickness up until 18 weeks, has involved pain.  I knew labor was hard, but growing a baby?  It’s actually really painful!  You body is stretching, moving, cramping, pulling, etc.  It doesn’t feel good at all!  I’ve always been pretty in-tune with my body and I’ve been told that it’s a good thing and a bad thing.  I know when something doesn’t feel right, or something has changed.  I swear I feel every stretch my muscles are doing.  This recent ER visit, well after two ER visits consecutive days last week, I was diagnosed with a strained/torn abdominal wall muscle.  They said both because without an CT scan they weren’t sure how severe it was.  However I believe it is a strain.  It started Tuesday evening and around midnight I finally woke up Adam and said “I think I have a kidney stone”.  I couldn’t stand up straight and every time I went to the bathroom it was a stabbing pain.  After being admitted that night, they first checked on the baby.  For the first time I knew baby was okay but they had to rule everything out.  I passed all the tests, as well as the fetal fibronectin test which to make it easy, tells if you are at risk for a preterm birth during the next two weeks.  The only test that I suppose you could say I “failed” was when they checked my cervix, they found out I was dilated to a little over 1 cm.  Not a huge deal, but they put a note in my chart so that every OB appointment from now on, I will have my cervix measured.  OH JOY.  I was released that following morning and told to call if the pain intensified, because they did find extra fluid in my kidneys, Hydronephrosis, which is pretty normal for pregnancy.  This is what they thought could be the cause of my pain.  I took Wednesday off from work, knowing I also had Thursday off for nannying because they were on vacation.  Thursday the pain intensified and I called to ask what I should do and they said to just come into the ER.  After more tests, not on baby, but on me, the doctor concluded that I had strained an abdominal wall muscle.  GREAT.  Holy hell did it hurt.  The night before I was bending over the bed and Adam was rubbing my back while I bawled, so I asked the doctor if a strained muscle could really hurt this bad.  He said yes, worse than you might think.  So off I went again, home with another issue to deal with.  I was now going on three days of bed rest, ice, heat, tylenol, and Hydrocodone (as needed).  Yes this is safe to take while pregnant if it is not in the last 4-6 weeks of pregnancy, and not to be used for an extended amount of time due to both mom and baby developing a dependency.  By Saturday I was feeling well enough to walk without the pain taking my breath away, and by Sunday I still felt some stabs of pain every now and then but for the most part bearable.

IMG_3735Where am I going with this little story?  Well I’m sick and tired of those hideous hospital gowns that are made for someone 200 lbs heavier than I am.  I’m tired of my phanny hanging out the back, and because of my strained muscle, I was in too much pain to even turn to the side and find the strings to tie the damn thing, so I went on Amazon and ordered a Labor and Delivery Gown.  Which then I found, the one that I ordered comes with a matching pillow case, as well as when I scrolled down to the bottom to look at reviews, I found the “frequently purchased together” items and ordered some “grippy” labor and delivery socks as well.  DAMN YOU AMAZON.  I know I said I wasn’t a big pink fan, but they were all sold out of the blue one that I wanted.  But these are called “Gownies” by Baby Be Mine and im so excited!  They button up the back and unbutton at the top for easy breast feeding.  The pillow case is just an added bonus!  I know I’m going to look like Hott Mess Holly on delivery day, so if I can at least feel “put together” I’ll settle for that.





Pillow case

Pillow case

My next package/purchase is all make up.  I LOVE BhCosmetics for a number of reasons.  Fast shipping, good product, good quality, and excellent price.  They were having a sale so I browsed through the site and settled on some new must have palettes.  This store is great for palettes because whether you use them for your day to day make up, or you use them to do bridal parties, for example, they are cheap enough that you aren’t going to break your bank just to stock up your make up inventory and give clients choices of blush, lipstick, or shadow.

IMG_3727This palette is the lipstick palette is called Ultimate Lips.  It has 28 lip shades that work for every skin type.  I know some people do swatches on their forearm but I always do white paper because everyones skin is a different color and color reflects differently on skin.  So I just stay safe with white paper.  I numbered the swatches so hopefully that helps a bit.  I love how they are arranged.  You can kind of look to see which row of colors you prefer.  I love the third row.  I would wear all of them.  Sometimes with palettes the color transfer is awful.  (Remember the big $10 cheap make up palettes you got when you were 12?)  This is not the case with BhCosmetics.  Everything is highly pigmented.


IMG_3731Next up on the left here is an eyeshadow/blush combo palette that IIMG_3730 swatched as well.  The purple if you look closely got chipped during packaging and shipping, no big deal however.  These colors are also hi
ghly pigmented and are grouped in a complimentary way that if you follow them down vertically, or across horizontally, they all have a cohesiveness that if you chose 3 or 4 different colors to blend together on your eye, it would all work together!


On the other side of the eyeshadow palette, you have your blush.  These like all the rest are true to color and work well with all skin types.


Finally, I ordered two individual blushes, Lilac & Daisy.


Not purchased at BhCosmetics, I just got a new foundation and new exfoliant!  I tried to set this up really pretty, but Zelda was IMG_3738all like, you forgot about me mom!  So minus being cat-bombed, IMG_3662you can see the Philosophy Exfoliant which I should have done a before and after, but because of my perioral dermatitis, I’ve been skeptical to use anything on my face, but this has diminished it dramatically!  Along with Vaseline at night, this is so gentle!  I have also gotten Nars Sheer Glow foundation in Vallauris, medium 1.5.  I apply it with a beauty blender and it’s pretty legit!  Yes, I’m aware my chest is slightly purple, but I do my pictures in natural light in my bedroom so it always casts a really pretty “glow” onto my chest.

Adam celebrated his first official Father’s Day with lots of family, food and beer 😀


Thanks everyone for stopping by!! Kerrigan is still keeping me on my toes, my heart skips a beat in both excitement and sheer terror thinking that she will be here soon!




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