Odds and Ends of Pregnancy

23 weeks

23 weeks

I personally love reading pregnant blogs with weekly/monthly updates on whats going on in a woman’s world of pregnancy but I know that they can become over whelming.  However with about 8 of my friends being pregnant and all due around August-early December I thought it would be neat to do a post on the odds and ends of my pregnancy and hear some feed back from some other moms-to-be!

I am officially at the 6 month mark.  24 weeks!!  To me it sounds like I still have a long way to go but really it’s only about 15-16 more weeks which sounds a little better.

Lets start with some typical pregnancy questions:

How many pregnancy tests did you take: Close to 10, two a day for about a week.  I have a little bit of an anxiety problem lets just say.

Weight Gain- “I’ll accept the weight I think I deserve”. This one is a touchy one for me, not because I’m embarrassed by my weight gain, just that it’s the biggest number I’ve ever seen on a scale with me.  So I started out at 123 at my 7 week appointment & I am now 145.  150 at the end of the day, so thats roughly 22lbs give or take.  When I FIRST got pregnant I was about 123 which according to my doctor my desired weight gain should be around 35 pounds.

IMG_3337Maternity Clothes: All my jeans still fit me in the legs, its the hips/waist that provide a challenge.  Like I said, I’ve gained 22 lbs since January, I’ve filled out a bit but my all my clothes still fit minus zipping and buttoning, but hey thats what belly bands are for!!  So yes I am in maternity jeans, maternity shorts, and maternity shirts.  The only reason I am in maternity shirts (dressy shirts, nicer t-shirts) is because of my long torso and maternity shirts have enough length and cover my tummy!

Cravings/Aversions: I didn’t do meat for the first trimester, not because it tasted bad, it didn’t sit right and I would become sicker than usual.  I always want sweets and lemonade.  First trimester I stuck with bland foods like plain Rice Krispies, bagels, and plain waffles.  But now I can eat pretty much anything, if I eat too much sugar though I get really nauseous.

Movement: I first felt her at 16 weeks at Keifer Brandt and Scotty Larson’s show and after that it’s been non stop movement.  My favorite thing to do is sit on the couch, no TV, no nothing and put my hands on my belly and feel her move all around.  I tap at different places on my belly and she will eventually drift on over to where I tapped and kick back.  Now, if I’ve noticed she hasn’t moved for awhile because she is sleeping, I am a mean Mommy and I gently poke at my belly to wake her up or get her to shift, just for a peace of mind.

IMG_3333Gender: Girl.  I’ll get sappy for a second.  When I found out I was pregnant again I was of course happy but for the first weeks up until even around 15 weeks I cared about the baby, but I didn’t love it.  I was scared to love it, scared that I would lose a baby again.  At 24 weeks now my love grows everyday but what I realize I was going through at the time is called prepartum depression, or depression before you give birth.  Mine was pretty subtle but the main thing was I didn’t have an attachment to my baby in my belly, no matter how hard I tried there was a road block.  Things are better now and like I said my love grows everyday but how can you be so in love with something that you’ve never actually physically seen or touched?  So with that being said, it was a no brainer for us to decide to find out the gender and give her a name,  I needed that connection and some sort of idea as to who I was bringing into this world.  It has helped out tremendously and seeing a 3D ultra sound of her turned my world upside down, when I get sad or down on myself I look at her picture and I just melt.  Now that she’s getting bigger, I also love when I can kind of decipher what was a leg kick or an elbow jab based on how pointy it is.

Sleep: Give me a pillow, preferably not a super nice one, and I will fall asleep instantly most days, as well as drool and snore.   Not drool like a little spit, I’m talking Lake Michigan on my pillow.  Snoring was something I did when I was heavily sedated (intoxicated) but now it’s almost an everyday occurrence.  I was napping the other day and I woke my self up three times from my snores.  Speaking of sleep, here’s a book about babies and just sleep in general.  Very beneficial!!

read this book.

read this book.


Cosmetic Warrior mask from Lush Cosmetics!

Hair/Body/Skin: (As I touch the huge crater in the middle of my forehead) My skin has been on the fritz since day one.  Breaking out randomly on my back, chest, and even stomach.  My face isn’t too bad except now my excessive drooling has left me with severe dryness and little white heads around my mouth and chin.  I use Neutrogena body wash and a body acne spray.  They are all less than 2% Salicylic Acid so before some of you nutters start yelling at me about what I’m using on my face, I’ve done the research and it’s okay.  This has been working pretty well so far.  It’s slow, but I see improvement.  My skin in general is pretty dry, no stretch marks yet, I’m starting to get the linea nigra, it’s very slight right now but who knows what is to come.  I break out in hives randomly on my legs so that’s super fun.  Nothing a little prescription steroid cream can’t fix.  Just itches like crazy. I’m losing some of the pigment in my skin in too.  Where am I losing it at?  Well… lets just say “down south”…this is the craziest thing so far.  My hair grows faster, not much shinier or thicker, not that I’ve ever been blessed with great hair of course.  It falls out less which I’m thankful for now because I know postpartum hair loss is just all sorts of terrible.  My boobs creep me out, and that’s all I’m going to say about that. My body in general is sore.  My lower back is the worst, I do get adjusted when I have the time but laying belly down in an inner tube does relieve some of the pain.  I look like a 94 year old lady getting up off the floor and I get winded just walking up steps.  I’m not out of shape, well maybe, but the bigger the baby gets the more it presses on your lungs and you tend to get winded faster.  My husband biked 21 miles yesterday no problem, I walk the 21 steps up to our condo and I die.  Damnit all.  I will say while we are on the topic of my husband, he definitely is a fan of this thing called pregnancy, he likes my new body, my added “fluff”, and the curves I’ve gotten.  PRAISE THE LORD.  I know I should work out more, but I work close to 50 hrs a week and that is the last thing I feel like doing.

IMG_3318Mommy Thoughts: So many go through my head everyday.  More worries of course, than just random thoughts.  Like, what if I have a still birth? (How morbid I know) What if I hemorrhage during delivery and bleed out?  What if I have a super preterm birth?  Once she’s born, I’m still not out of the woods, ummm hello SIDS?   How much weight am I actually going to gain here?  Will she have colic?  What if we have to get rid of Zelda because she doesn’t take well to Kerrigan?

There are so many “what ifs” and that’s something people with anxiety deal with everyday, but the thing is, they are just “thoughts” and you can’t control the future.

So that’s just a snippet of whats going on, pregnancy can be the most exciting time of your life, or the most terrifying, I haven’t decided what it is for me yet but whatever I have to go through to bring Kerrigan into this world I will do, even though I tell her quietly that I really don’t enjoy being pregnant, but I’ll do it for her ( & maybe one more time so she can have a brother or sister 🙂 )

Oh and to all you moms to be, or for those ladies who can’t find a pair of swim bottoms, here is the link for these swimsuit bottoms for Aerie, they are convertible to high waist, mid waist, or regular bottoms.  They do not have any elastic at the top so love handles, or pinched tummy skin is impossible to get!!  I got mediums, but I will be ordering a pair a smalls for next year in hopes that I will be back to my pre baby size, but these are just incredible.  I tried on the black, blue, and pink, and settled for the blue.  The pink is a little see through in the front so I would warn you.  But these are BY FAR the best bottoms I’ve ever had.  Adam and I went to the beach today to swim, play frisbee, and get me some sun!  IMG_3374


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