Can you believe that I have 17 weeks left of this pregnancy?  Maybe not because some of you may not even know I was pregnant.  I never wanted this blog to be more than make up, fashion, and product reviews but I made the choice to go out on a limb and talk about our miscarriage that happened over a year ago and it was received better than I thought possible.  So now I have a few weeks to decide if I want to become a mom blogger.  Scary thought.  From what I’ve gathered these last 23 weeks of being pregnant is that there is something called “Mom-Vice” and its something some women develop after becoming a mom.  It’s advice.  Good, bad, annoying you get it all.  However I’ve discovered that even if you don’t ask for advice, you will get it.  You get the

“you just wait till yours comes”

“sleep now”

“why would you want to do cloth diapering?”

“are you going to breast feed?”

“will you co sleep?”

“how long of maternity leave will you take?”

“why would you get glass bottles?”

And in all honesty most of the time I’m okay with answering the questions if its part of a conversation already started, however there are some mom’s that don’t know the unwritten “New Mommy Rule”, and that is…

 If I don’t ask for your advice, I don’t want it”.

I’m awkward enough as it is, please don’t make me sit there and justify why I do the things I do because chances are I don’t know.

On the flip-side though, when I do ask for advice and you give me honest to God truth, you will be receiving a Christmas card this year because I appreciate your helpful words.

Let’s start at the beginning of my road to motherhood, a road I guess that never ends.

January- West Des Moines welcomed us with open arms…Adam and I were SO excited to return to Iowa to be near friends and family again.  Notice the capital “SO”?  Yeah, it comes into play in about 4 weeks.  We both had jobs that we were okay with for now, and we were reuniting with friends and hitting up the night life again.  Life was good. IMG_0818 Then one of my hangovers began to last a whole week.  Remember how we were “SO” excited to return to Iowa? Yeah.

And this picture below shows how we felt about it.  Adam, all excited for a second chance and then theres me.  Happy with a side of fear, disbelief, and tears on the horizon.


So yay, we were pregnant.  One week later I put in my two weeks at my current preschool job due to a plethora of reasons and then we discovered that after FINALLY being seen to get my Thyroid tested, I had Hashimotos Disease. Which to make it simple if you didn’t click the link, it’s a disease where your body attacks your thyroid.  However, in my case, and my brothers case who was diagnosed with it in 2012, (I think) we have an overactive thyroid or, hyperthyroidism.  The symptoms of this are:

  • Anxiety, nervousness, and irritability
  • Frequent, loose bowel movements
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Double vision
  • Eyes that bulge out, or “protrude” (in patients with Graves’ disease)
  • Hair changes, including brittle hair, thinning hair, and hair loss from scalp
  • Irregular heart beat (arrhythmia), especially in older adults
  • Menstrual cycle changes, including lighter bleeding and less frequent periods
  • Muscle weakness, especially in the thighs and upper arms
  • Rapid fingernail growth
  • Rapid heartbeat, usually over 100 beats per minute
  • Shaky hands
  • Sweating
  • Thinning skin
  • Weight loss despite increased appetite

If you were lucky enough to have been around me from August of last year up to December 2014, you would have all known that I was down to 119 pounds,(I’m 5’9)  I was having bladder issues, SEVERE anxiety, insomnia, & of course the inability to get pregnant again.  So lets look at Hyperthyroidism and pregnancy shall we?  If you look on page two you see that miscarriage before the first trimester is number one.  From June-November I was on the phone once a week with a doctor trying to be seen because I knew I wasn’t okay, however, true story guys, no one did anything about it.  Up until November when my mom went to her doctor here in Des Moines (she also has a form of Hashimotos) who is on our Christmas Card list this year of course, she mentioned to him what I had been going through for the past few months.  He asked that I be seen as soon as possible which was January after we had moved.  Long story short, I was 5 weeks pregnant and after getting results back that I was at a 5.4 (normal range is between 1-2 for a woman trying to get pregnant) I was put on Synthroid and in 6 weeks my levels were at a 2.4, and 6 weeks after that I was at a 2.1.  Now, did getting put on Synthroid save this baby?  I don’t know but for whatever reason Kerrigan, (which if you read the title is baby girls name) is here with us now, I don’t care to question it.

A week after this I, naturally broke my finger at my job, the job I had just put in my two weeks for.  Talk about karma.  My finger nail had to be removed to set my finger and then sewn back on to prevent any infection.  This sounds minor, but I tell you what, when you can feel every vibration around you pulsating in your finger nail that has been sewn back on on top of a broken finger and the fact that pain killers are a no go for pregnant women, you will suffer.  Of course after finding out that on top of being on IMG_0933150 mg of Zoloft (gasps heard round the world for a pregnant woman to be on anxiety medication) I was now going to have to take Synthroid, a prenatal, vitamin D, AND EXTRA STRENGTH TYLENOL?!  I refused.  I was a pill popping freak all of a sudden.  It wasn’t until the second night of absolute agony that my husband forced me to take two Tylenol and the pain diminished slightly.  So for 8 weeks I looked like a cave woman carrying around a club on her hand.  Now it is the end of May and I am still learning to use my finger again, the nail hasn’t grown in yet and some of the nerves are still damaged due to the fact that they had to sew my ligaments back together.  (face palm)

For the two months following these incidents, I quit my job and accepted a temporary nanny position, which led to taking another nanny position after that one ended in March and accepting a part time teaching job at a preschool, which is where I am currently.  Oh, and I was sick.  Sick, sick, sick.  I made it through each day with relatively no nausea and then every night around 5 pm I would be dry heaving in my bucket, sometimes throwing up, until I went to bed around 9 pm.  This joyful time lasted until 18 weeks I would say, and even now at 23 weeks there hasn’t been a week that I haven’t ran to the sink to heave something up.  At 9 weeks I began spotting, which is the same time that I miscarried a year ago.  I also am RH- which I’ve talked about before, but even if my spotting was nothing, I still needed to go in and have a RHOGRAM shot to prevent my blood from coming in contact with baby’s blood since she was more than likely RH Positive.  So I was seen for my first emergency ultrasound since I thought for sure I was miscarrying only to be over joyed with a bouncing 9.5 week old baby with a healthy heart beat.  Phew.

On a side note, while I was 9 weeks pregnant Adam came home one night and said he had gotten a new job.  I was in more disbelief than when I found out I was pregnant.  What the hell was he thinking?  After he calmed me down he began to fill me in on this new job.  He was going to be working for the city of Des Moines as a civil engineer and be able to review plans for new developments in Des Moines.  I knew this was always a place he wanted to be, working for the city so again, after I was calmed down, I cried many tears of joy!

Sent this picture to my sister around 14 weeks saying

Sent this picture to my sister around 14 weeks saying “Help”

At 13 weeks we decided to break the news to the world that we were expecting.  I was so nervous but I kept telling myself, I’ve seen this baby’s heart beat, if we lose it, it was still an itty bitty person that deserves to be known.  So we shared the news!

Soon 13 weeks turned into 14, 14 turned into 15, and so on.

13 weeks

13 weeks

14 weeks

14 weeks

15 weeks

15 weeks

16 weeks

16 weeks

At 17 weeks I began to have terrible pains in my cervix (sorry TMI) and across my uterus.  I didn’t panic right away.  I called my doctor and she said that she wanted to see my right away because she was concerned about an Incompetent Cervix. (Just what every woman wants to hear…your cervix is freaking incompetent)  Of course I Googled it, called Adam and started bawling.  I went in, they measured everything and brought baby up on the ultra sound and we saw that baby was pushing against my cervix creating my pain, but my cervix was looking real good (SCORE!) and it was high and closed tight (DOUBLE SCORE!) Then she asked if we wanted to know the sex of our baby since she could see it, well DUH yes, so she wrote it on a piece of paper and we were headed home that weekend for a wedding, so we were about to have an impromptu gender reveal party three weeks earlier than expected!!

17 weeks

17 weeks

So what are we having?!

Scratch Cupcakes Notice one blue and one pink?!

Scratch Cupcakes
Notice one blue and one pink?!


Adam’s step dad read what the gender was and Adam was given the opportunity to smash the PINK cupcake into my face since I was 100% positive it was a boy.  At first I was a little shocked that my intuition was wrong, now I couldn’t imagine having anything except a GIRL.

18 weeks

18 weeks

19 weeks The newest addition to our family, my 6 foot pregnancy pillow named Fluffy

19 weeks
The newest addition to our family, my 6 foot pregnancy pillow named Fluffy

20 weeks

20 weeks

IMG_2853At our 20 week appointment everything checked out great and measured great.  We even got to see a 3D image of our baby girl.  I was shocked at how my heart skipped a beat when I saw her.  She’s real.  She’s a real person.  Oh, and for those of you who are looking at the background, that is not an angry face, or another baby, that is my uterus and the umbilical cord with baby girls forearm where the mouth would be.  Haha.

At 21 weeks I did develop a nasty sinus infection as well as a rash on my legs that sent me to Urgent Care.  Here’s the thing with pregnancy rashes, you never know what you can take.  So he gave me a topical steroid cream and it went away, but has returned twice, which I just reapply.  I’m not too concerned about this rash, it is allergy season but there are some rashes that start on a pregnant woman’s belly that can be serious conditions.  IMG_2959

21 weeks

21 weeks

22 weeks

At 22 weeks, we had the biggest scare of all.  I woke up around 7 am with a terrible stomach ache.  It felt like I needed to have a bowel movement, which is exactly what I told Adam back in December 2013 when I had an appendicitis.  I called into work saying I would be late and I wanted to see if this pain would go away.  It increased.  I was in the fetal position on my bed for over an hour before I called Adam and said he needed to take me to the ER.  The pain was so intense I couldn’t even walk.  All that was going through my head was, this is the start of labor, this is it at 22 weeks I’m going to have a baby that will most likely not survive.  Adam rushed from work and took me to the ER where they hooked me up to all the monitors that you would normally be hooked up to if you were in labor.  Of course, they couldn’t find her heart beat, and Adam said he looked straight at my face and saw pure terror.  I told them I had checked her heart beat that morning, and she asked where I found it at.  I showed her where and she found it.  I have had Braxton Hicks contractions since around 19 weeks so I mentioned this to the nurse and she began monitoring for any significant ones, which I looked on the sheet and they were only minor ones about every 20 minutes.  After telling them how I felt and what was going on, the doctor came in and what she concluded was my scar tissue from my appendix was stretching due to the pregnancy and it was mimicking an appendicitis.  I think she called it Adhesion Pain.  Which totally made sense.  I was put on bed rest for the rest of the day and I took the next day off from nannying as well to rest.  Heat packs and tylenol help, it comes back about once a week and it is severe but hey, at least baby is growing, and like I told Adam I can handle any pain that comes my way, as long as Kerrigan is okay, bring it on!

So here I am 23 weeks, I have an appointment next Wednesday for a check up, Kerrigan is doing flips, cartwheels, barrel rolls, you name it, in my stomach and I love every minute of it.  I love watching my stomach move and bubble up.  I’ll try to do some more posts about updates..cravings, weight gain, random thoughts I’m dealing with.  You know, the fun stuff!

Thanks everyone for reading this I realize it’s a long one but this whats been going on through this pregnancy and I can only assume it’s going to get more exciting as the time goes on.

Much love,

*B & Kerrigan


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