Memorial Day…means I have time to blog!

Happy Memorial Day!!  I hate when this happens, when I do like five blogs at once, but I usually do a rough draft of them and I’ve been so lazy to post them!  Anyways, this post will be mainly about past make up looks I’ve done and some new products I’ve been using.  If you don’t feel like reading through all of this, these are my new products that I’ve been pretty pumped about.

Redkin Pillow Proof

BareMinerals Bare Skin

Lush Cosmetics 

The Balm Cosmetics

Sephora Pro Contour Blend #77

NYX Matte Lipstick in Audrey

Okay so here are some pictures of recent make up looks

This is a classic cat eye with a red lip.  This was the day we announced our pregnancy :)

This is a classic cat eye with a red lip. This was the day we announced our pregnancy 🙂


This is my natural with a pop look, I used a NYX blue liner on the top lash.


I love this spring look, again with the NYX Audrey lipstick.


This is the most make up I’ve worn in awhile. I loved the purple shadow from the Smashbox On The Rocks Palette.


Mallary’s make up was kept classic with a fun line of gold glitter liner on the top.


Brie told me she was used to wearing lots of make up from dance team, even though she doesn’t wear it on a daily basis so I went a little bit darker and smokey on her.


This look I used my new The Balm cosmetics palette, it comes with a cat eye stencil and AMAZING hippie-ish colors


As always these looks were used with my staples (at the moment).

Foundation:Revlon Colorstay

Brows & Contouring:Anastasia Beverly Hills

Mascara:Better Than Sex Mascara

Eyeliner:NYX Super Skinny Liquid Liner

Blush:I’m not going to lie I use a lot of random blushes that I have lying around but lately my go to has been InstaStain by The Balm cosmetics in Argyle

The following are some of my new favorite products that I’ve linked up above


This is a new foundation for me, I use it randomly when I’m not doing a full face of make up. It’s really light and easy to apply. The brush is also pretty awesome, it’s amazing the amount of coverage you get with it.


I stumbled across this at Kohls the other day, it’s actually very pigmented and there are lots of fun colors!


I constantly am using new contouring brushes to get that nice chiseled line, this is a little pricey for me but it works really well, do not put too much product on it however, it transfers color really well!


Balmsai is by The Balm cosmetics and it is a palette with both eyeshadow, eyebrow shadow, wet/dry eyeshadow, and stencils for eyebrows, smokey eye, and my favorite a cat eye!


This is a spray that you put in your hair when wet and you blow dry out. Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer with heat protection – Microflex stylane creates a ‘thermal blanket’ of flexible silicone resin that protects hair and helps prevent breakage. Trisiloxane and isododecane allow for quick drying, resulting in a smooth and silky finish. Benefits: Cuts blow dry time Anti-breakage

The next are all my new obsession.  Lush Cosmetics are all natural and cruelty free.  Being pregnant and on many meds, using all natural products (which you still have to be careful about) during pregnancy makes me feel a little better 🙂

These fresh face masks that you keep in the fridge and what they say on the jar is what they do for your face.  They smell pretty amazing and they only take 5-10 minutes.06097


This is me enjoying my OatiFix… Zelda also licked it off my face..that’s how good it is.

06096 06091 06094

I honestly can’t say enough for this massage bar.  It is made for pregnant women to prevent stretch  marks but anyone can use it.  Here is the link for it that speaks for itself.  You massage it into your skin and it melts with your body heat.

Organic Therapy Massage Bar00024


This is called Buffy Body Butter Bar. This is also good for pregnancy! I rub it on my belly and exfoliate the skin and follow up with my massage bar.  Buffy Body Butter Bar… Adam uses it on the back of his arms where he has some bumps, this bar buffs them right off!


This is great for sore pregnant feet or just feet in general!


I use this for lipstick, but it has other uses like a cheek stain!  Perspective


This is my new moisturizer!! I love it so much!


My lips enjoy this a whole lot!


This lipscrub is a little messy, but it def does the job!

My next blog will be pregnancy related just a heads up, I’ve had a lot of flucky things go on these past five and a half months and they are worth blogging about.

Thanks again for reading!



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