Super Woman…Aka my sister

So this is a little something out of the ordinary but I know how many people view my blog and when I first publish a post, I get roughly 350 views on it the first day.  Now I would love for it to be way more, but I just keep telling myself “in time”.  So this is a little post dedicated to my sister Shannon.

My sister had my favorite little human, Hadley, Decemeber 9 in 2011, I’m unsure of how much she gained in this pregnancy but I do know that a few short months later she was back to her pre baby weight.  Then, this past May, she gave birth to my other favorite little human Eizley, and gained the baby weight back.  Pretty normal right?  Well of course it is normal, but Eizley was a special little human, she was quite the handful the first few months with lots of sickness, colic, and just all around fussy-ness.  So now Eizley has tubes and has done a complete 180.  My sister however, had dedicated the first 4 months of Eizley’s life to, of course, Eizley.  Shannon wasn’t happy with how she looked and like before, she did something about it.  Only she took it to the next level.  My sister is now a coach for Beach Body.  (I honestly don’t know how it all works but I will link you her page)  Here is her before and after picture…

10731180_10152580691393021_1714722983090588274_nThis is her story…

I have been chosen to participate as an apprentice coach in the next Royal Republic Fitness Challenge. It’s an online fitness group that I started in 8 months ago. After I had my youngest daughter, I was so unhappy with how I looked and felt. I kept telling myself that, “its ok, you just had a baby”, or “the weight will come off on its own”. Well, here I was 4 months after having my second baby and I still had 30 pounds to loose. I wanted results NOW. I connected with a former nursing school classmate via Facebook, joined a challenge group, started a workout program called PiYO and started drinking Shakeology and I lost ALL my baby weight and gained more STRENGTH than I ever had. And I did this all in 4 months!! I have had so much success with this lifestyle that I want to share what I have learned and HELP YOU have this. Exercise SAVED MY SANITY. My second daughter was colicky for the first 3 months and then had 4 ear infections in 4 months after that. My husband and I were walking Zombies. Exercise made me a more HAPPY and PATIENT person and literally kept me from going off the edge. It gave me ENERGY even when I had been up all night the night before. I truly am a better wife and mom when I take time each day to focus on me. EVERYONE deserves this! I have the FIRE and the DRIVE to help YOU do this and reach your goals! My journey is not complete, I am still in a work in progress but I would love it if you would let me HELP YOU and have YOU join this journey with me.

So now that your know my story, here is the BEST part! I get to bring 3 FRIENDS with me to join me in this challenge group! Does this interest you? Are you ready to make a change? Then comment below or message me!

Words cannot even describe how proud of her I am.  I think my sister looks amazing in her husbands old T shirts or all dolled up, but to see her and know that SHE also feels amazing and knows she looks amazing is a whole new ball game.  Shannon puts everyone before herself and the fact that she has taken this time for herself and became selfish for the first time in what?…almost 4 years is the coolest thing ever.  Please look at my sisters page and ask yourself if this is something you want as well… Shannon would do anything for anyone so I just have to shamelessly advertise for her.

Her email also is

Also, here are some snapshots of why I love my sister so much…

1014073_10203733239549466_2385523569449441864_n 1601260_10204030359457278_7749683566073746412_n 10410924_10152572715628021_7025074493414782083_n 10920906_10152572688378021_5843528257844781687_n



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