Welcome To 7204

IMG_05857204 is where you can find Prilipp Party of Three now.  We are in West Des Moines and are over the moon about our new adventure.  Is it perfect?  Everything I ever dreamed of?  Almost.  Our house isn’t sold, I get anxiety every time I drive, and (to keep things simple) I can see that my new job is going to take a little more adjusting than I thought.  But besides all of that, Adam and I are so happy to be here.  We have started a new workout regimen, been out with our friends, had dinner parties, and I may have swiped my debit card a few too many times at Sephora.  Clearly I haven’t been updating my blog, I’ve been busy getting settled in, decorating, driving around trying not to die, hitting up a few bars, and of course lounging around with Adam and Zelda.  Real important stuff.  So lets fill you all in!

Unfortunately this is not a make up blog, I’m waiting for my brother to finish with my website before I do anymore of those.  He claims he’s been busy, but I mean come on, the man works at Amazon in Seattle…how busy can he be?  So much sarcasm there.  Let’s be real, I’m so thankful for my brother doing all that he has done, I would be okay with it not launching until July.  No, not really…February wouldn’t be too shabby tho 🙂  So I guess you will have to just make do with some of my journal entires (or so I call them).

Welcome to our condo! It’s a 1200 square foot, 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath, paradise.  It’s so cozy and homey.  I used all the decorations from our home in Owatonna, obviously, but with the walls all being the same color and the white doors, instead of an eclectic feel, it has more of a modern and cohesive feel, which I’m okay with!  It’s a nice change.


Our sectional couch that my husband graphed into to AUTOCAD at work just to see if it would fit. It did. Phew.


Our shoe rack from IKEA! It’s so slick and convenient, all you do is screw it into the wall and then the drawers pull out and you slide the shoes in at an angle


Fireplace with my favorite wedding photo 🙂


My favorite vintage shelf came with, however we didn’t have a place for it, so it serves as a hidden gem! Oh, and I love my little piggy.


So it’s an open floor plan, and flows so nicely 🙂 Here’s our dining room


My Great Grandmothers cabinet that I painted a beautiful silver! Also, picture credit goes to my Aunt Farrah!


Just some lovely decorations from our local boutique in Algona calledThe Market.


It’s taken me awhile to get used to my dark cabinets, I was so in love with my white cabinets, but I will not complain.


Can you spot the kitty? Look at all my counter space!


Let’s just mosey on down the hallway and to the right is the spare bedroom with a bathroom attached.


It’s a work in progress


And now…where the magic happens!

You know, my clothes, make up, and jewelry.


Our bedroom set was from Ikea and our king mattress is a Restonic (similar to Tempurpedic) we used our honeymoon money on our mattress and furniture. Best choice ever.


My diffuser…thanks again to my Aunt Farrah!


This bed is a slice of heaven


Don’t mind the clothes in the corner, Adam has a vanity on the other side as well. Not sharing a sink is actually something I never thought I could care about…now however, I will never share a sink with him again 🙂


All the small frames are from our wedding that were set on the tables.

Hope you all enjoyed my little tour.  Most of my decorations are from Target, TJ Max, thrift stores, IKEA, The Phoenix, The Market, and from our wedding registry.

We are both so excited about what is yet to come…Here are some snapshots of our journey so far…

IMG_0737 IMG_0729 IMG_0717 IMG_0703 IMG_0741 IMG_0620 IMG_0668



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