Plot Twist!

You know that saying “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans”?  Welp, plans have changed once again.  In a series of unexpected events my husband was offered a job in West Des Moines working for Larson Engineering.  A lot of you may be scratching your head and wondering why would we move, and some of you are simply nodding your heads saying “I wondered when it was going to happen”.  After the miscarriage we both realized that living up here is not where we wanted to raise a family, so we put it on the back burner in hopes that in a year or two we would be closer to family and friends.  However, an opportunity arose and we took it.  The real big plot twist?  We move in three weeks.  Our house goes up for sale tomorrow (Monday) and we will be Des Moines metro residents by the new year.  EEEK!  I honestly haven’t really been able to process how happy it makes me.  Most of our friends and a lot of our family are in Des Moines and it will be amazing to be close to them again.

We have made many friends and even more memories here in Owatonna, it’s been a crazy ride.  Buying our first home that we thought would be our 5 year home, didn’t turn out how we planned, but who plans life anyways?

We are still in the process of telling friends and family, but like always, sometimes this is the easiest way to do it and I like the element of surprise sometimes and this is a good surprise!!  Adam told his work on Friday and I told my bosses on Thursday and informed my co teachers this weekend.  Word will get out soon enough through the grapevine I know or everyone can just read this blog and bam, cats out of the bag.

We will not be buying a house, instead we will be renting a town home/apartment in West Des Moines for the first year…one that is pet friendly of course!

This post is a little vague as I feel kind of scatterbrained writing it out, I don’t really know what to say as we literally need to get our crap together in three weeks.  I’ve been selling so much stuff that we don’t need as well as throwing out tons of junk.  Live simpler right?

We are asking for positive vibes and prayers as we hope our house sells quickly, our realtor had lots of faith that it wouldn’t sit on the market for long.

Here’s a picture of how we celebrated the good news…yes it’s frozen pizza…but the wine was $8 so we felt fancyIMG_1683

So cheers to new beginnings and never knowing whats going to happen next!


Since we are just announcing fun things all around… my blog will be titled….

Lipstick & Lavender.

I am so excited.



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