Christmas Wish List & Our Life Journey Continued!

IMG_1583So its football Sunday, which means I have to shut my mouth for the next few hours so this is usually when I pick up my computer and aimlessly blog.  My husbands amazing Aunt Farrah (for all who know her, she really is the bees knees) recently asked for our Christmas list.  I at the time, had already given what I really wanted to my parents and Adams parents but then I started to think real hard at stuff that I recently have had my eye on but didn’t want to purchase for myself for fear that Adam would lock me in the closet under the stairs for buying MORE beauty related crap.  So asking for it for Christmas (even if it’s a little on the spendy side) is always the way to go.  You can always cross your fingers and wish for a miracle.

Side note: No Christmas is not about gifts, it’s about spending time with family and loved ones and remembering the birth of Baby Jesus.  BUT to me, Christmas is also about finding that perfect gift for the person you love and watching their face light up cause you know that you f’n nailed gift giving.  So, before I get a nasty comment about being all about gifts, trust me, I’ll be the first to say that giving gifts is more fun than receiving them…unless they open it up and you can see it in their face that you DID NOT nail the gift…and that’s when you make up the excuse “sooo, yeah here’s the receipt I couldn’t find what you were talking about so I thought that I’d just take a gamble….no no…it’s totally cool if it’s not you, I am not offended”.  (then you get in the car after Christmas and you repeatedly beat yourself up over screwing up)  At least that’s what I do because I have anxiety and if I even mess up a conversation with someone I will replay it in my head over and over and wish upon a star that I can go back in time and not say that extremely inappropriate response.  So.  End side note.

While brainstorming gifts for Farrah, I found a few things that indeed, I did want, and eventually will get for myself but in time because they are out of our budget as of now.

Unitrex – Aroma Mist Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser, 1 diffuser41+yXuJlG7L._SX425_

I’ve read many reviews about diffusers for Essential Oils (I’m partial to DoTerra) and you can type into Amazon DoTERRA essential oil diffuser and you will come up with many different diffusers like….

doTERRA Petal Diffuser


Which reading the reviews, you can decide for yourself what you are looking for.  I wanted something durable and pretty basic looking, and a little cheaper so, that my preference.

Along with the diffuser I sent her some links to some oils that I’ve been interested in.

21piLvzLG4L 71ozW4fceIL._SL1500_ 818p3r7XhgL._SL1500_ 71V9IIHZJqL._SL1500_

Cold pressed from the peel, Wild Orange releases an energizing, citrusy aroma.


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