image1Just a super quick post.  My brother has my name for Christmas this year and unfortunately they aren’t going to make it home this year for Christmas.  However, Josh sent me a text this afternoon telling me what one part of my gift is.  My brother is buying me a domain name for my website.  Yup folks, this girl is getting her OWN website.  So, my blog is going to be under construction for awhile and things will be changing but I am SO EXCITED.  There will be a special place for each of my posts as I can now file them under things such as “makeup”,”marriage”, “fashion” etc.  I also have given my blog a new name which I cannot wait to unveil when I get it up and running.

I have always wanted to do this and I have actually had another offer from a friend to buy me my own domain, however, it’s something that I was always nervous about but with my brother helping me to manage my site until I get the hang of it, I am actually extremely excited to get this started.  I am also back into my journaling and writing and I have started a short story that I would love to start publishing what I have started sometime when this new shiny toy of mine is up and running.

I’m bursting at the seams to tell you the name but I will hold back…

Anywhosey… we will just play it by ear and see when the next posting will be.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Adam and I went home to Algona and had such a great time!  We celebrated his 26th birthday as well as my dad’s birthday on the 28th.  That was also Baby P’s due date.  We choose to smile, and be happy for it because it’s time to start moving on.  It’s almost a new year.  IMG_1274

We found out that my thyroid level is very high which could be what is preventing us from getting pregnant the second time so December 2 I have an appointment to talk about my options.  For those of you who don’t know…your thyroid controls almost everything.  It can lead to depression, anxiety, weightloss, weight gain, bulging eyes, loss of hair, bladder issues, etc etc.  The list is endless.  A normal thyroid level for a woman who wants to get pregnant is between a 1 & 2, well mine is at a 5.20.  So this story will continue.  December 8 is my cystoscopy so that story continues as well.

So in the mean time, I hope everyone will eat, drink, and be merry!!

 image2   image3


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