Tis The Season To Be Mauvy (Jolly…get it?)

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We have officially made it through our last wedding of the season.  It was so beautiful, classy, elegant, and full of “spirit”.  By that I mean alcohol of course.

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For this look, I went with a lot of drugstore products because in all honesty, while I love high end products, I know that a lot of my viewers don’t have access to a Sephora, or don’t want to shop online for products that they have never used.  On top of that, make up is spendy and with Christmas around the corner, I don’t have the funds to get everything on my wish list, so for now I am making do with my local Wal-Greens goodies.

Lets start with my face.  The morning of the wedding I did a Glam-Glow mud mask followed by my regular skin care routine with my Clearasil products.  With the winter months ahead my skin gets so dull, dry, and flaky so I came across some Vitamin E oil at my local Hy-Vee and I mix it with some Tea Tree oil also from Hy-Vee (I’m waiting for my Doterra oils to come in!)  I apply that to my face (the oils only at night). Three times a week I do my Neutrogena exfoliator and apply my oils.  This gives my face a healthy glow that I desperately need in the winter.image3

After having a clean face you need to apply your base.  You can however, if you are using darker eyeshadows and going for a smokey look, apply your eye make up first and then do your foundation and concealer.  This helps with the “flurries” I call them that fall onto your face from the eye shadows, simply remove the flurries with a fan brush and start your foundation.

Now like I said, I used all drugstore products and yes, NYX is sold at Target finally!!!  I started with the NYX Pore Filler from Target.  Then using my Beauty Blender (got a new one, with some extra goodies!) I dotted my Ready Set Gorgeous foundation 115 onto my cheek bones, chin, forehead, and nose.  Next I took my Eco Tools flat brush and blended it in to my skin,image14 then taking my beauty blender again, I blended all that in until it evened out leaving me with as close to a flawless finish as I can get.  Next, I took my two concealers Ready Set Gorgeous in 105/110 to cover up any of my blemishes and then used my Maybelline  age rewind concealer under my eyes to lighten them up.


Following my foundation I do my eyebrows…my favorite thing to do ever!! Now, I don’t have any powder to set my foundation yet on purpose, I do my eyebrows, clean them up with concealer and then set with powder.  For my brows I reach for my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in Taupe, this is a new color for me as I used to use Blonde, but I felt washed out and it was too warm for my brows so I invested in a new color, and it is fabulous.  I have her brush #12 as well.  This brush is a must, I tried to do without it for a while and it just wasn’t working as well as I knew it could, so I upset my husband a bit and put in an order for a new brow set, and I couldn’t be happier.  Following my brows, like I stated earlier, I take my small concealer brush, the skinny white one in the upper photo and dip it into my concealer and trace around my brows cleaning up any bleeding from pomade and shaping them up overall.  Then I set my whole face, usually with the Make Up Forever HD Powder but this time I chose to use the Ready Set Gorgeous powder in 115/120.



This is a beauty blender cleaner in a soap bar foam…SO AMAZING!

Now it’s time for contouring!! Like always, I used my Blank Canvas Cosmetics palette with my old Beauty Blender image11that I got wet and used the three colors that you see are almost gone.  The darkest, in the picture I use to contour my cheeks and blend it in with the blender and then move up to my hairline and my forehead with the same color.  Then I use a combination of the white and yellow and highlight under my eyes, in between my eyes (nose bridge and forehead) around my eyebrows, and under my nose.  I hope that’s not confusing.  After I have contoured I take a cleaner beauty blender and blend it in better and take my big powder brush and lightly dip it into my Too Faced Bronzer and just swipe it over all the places I used the darker powder, just for a more natural look.

  image3 copyimage7

Blush time!! I always use a combination of blushes, I like to use a darker blush and then a pinker blush on the apples of my cheeks.  I blended Soft Sable from Covergirl and Blushing Bride from Tarte onto my cheeks and used my highlighter from Physicians Formula.  Like I said earlier, I did just put in an order from Sephora and I always try to buy products that come with image10smaller samples of other products so I can try out different brands and products without paying full price for them.  With that being said, this last order I received some samples from Benefit.  I haven’t tried the “that girl” which is a pinkish tone brightening primer.  I did use “girl meets pearl” that is used as a liquid highlighter that I used on the highest part of my cheek bone.image13

Doesn’t this seem like a lot of work?!  In all honesty once you get the hang of it and you become comfortable and skilled at what you want to do for your make up routine, it doesn’t take that long.

Now lets do the eyes real quick here.  Like I said, I used all drugstore products for the purpose of this blog.  Normally I would use my Smashbox, or Naked Palette of shadows but I found this palette at Wal-Greens from Maybelline called “The Nudes”. image15 I’m going to be honest here, yes the price is desirable but the pigment I didn’t like with the lighter colors, it didn’t seem to latch onto my shadow brushes, nor did it blend well onto my eyelid.  With that being said, you get what you pay for, so for basic day to day eyeshadow, I think I will use it more, but for more of a dramatic eye I feel that a higher end shadow palette will work a lot better.  So as you can see I had a multitude of brushes that I used.  For a smokey eye you need a blender brush, your basic run of the mill shadow brush, an angled brush and a smudge brush.  If you are looking into investing into some brushes here is a set, and this one from Sigma if you wanna spend a little more.  I wish I could tell you exactly what colors I used but they don’t have names/labels so I can give you a general idea.  I took the first shadow and put it on my inner eye and eyelid.  Then I took a shimmery brown and applied it on half of my eye near the corner and then took the darkest brown mixed with the black and smudged it out in the outer corner and then took a blending brush and blended it all together creating a more uniformed look.  I then used a highlighter below my brow from Maybelline, just a basic white powder to finish off the look and blend the colors together better near the top of my crease.  I used my NYX eyeliner Super Skinny Marker and lined the top of my lashes and winged it out, then I took two of the brown colors and used my smudge brush to smudge along the bottom lash line and finished off with my Butterfly Effect Mascara.

The finishing touches included my lip color from NYX in Transylvania and my all time favorite scent Burberry The Beat.  I included my hair products that I used that night as well.  I wanted a sleek look and in all honesty I ran out of time to do my hair so it was pretty much just blow dried and I crossed my fingers that it would look sleek and effortless.  I think I managed.  I used Moroccan Oil, Verb Root Spray, Rusk Hairspray, and Verb Sea Salt Spray.  I used a round brush and flipped out one side of my hair and then used a straightener to straighten the ends.IMG_0704

image12 image2 image4

My outfit was from Kohls and Target as well as my booties.  The night was wonderful…but as always I include in my posts updates on how Adam and I are doing.  The picture below sums it up.  No I’m not making light of my situation but right now these are what get me through my days.  Zoloft, (50 mg and 150 mg…so two different bottles) Ativan, Clonazepam, and Myrbetriq.  The Mybertriq costs us $300 that our insurance doesn’t cover, it is supposed to help with the pressure I have in my bladder but we won’t know much until December 8 when I do my cystoscopy.  The longer this continues the more Adam and I feel that my anxiety is a huge part of it, but at the same time, we need to rule out that there is anything abnormal going on.  I am happy to say however that I have started running at the gym and lifting again, as of two weeks ago I was 119 and scared to death, today I am 124, now this could be from water, drinking, wedding food, regardless…this is the most I’ve weighed in almost 3 months and I could not be happier.  I am hoping it is a sign that maybe my anxiety is subsiding and letting my body begin to be “normal” again, or whatever my normal is.  I am continuing therapy and working on quieting my mind/thoughts and taking time out of my day to be still and quiet.  But at the same time, talking to Adam about how I feel and what is going through my mind helps out as well..little bit of a double ended sword-be quiet, but talk about things.  I recently attended a Doterra Essential Oils party so I am looking forward to receiving them and trying them out.


The Holidays are coming up so I’m sure I will have some outfit posts/make up posts/updates on how that all went.  As always, thanks for reading, health and happiness to all and enjoy the upcoming holidays.  Spend time with your family, drink, eat, and be merry.



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