Blushing Bride

This weekend I had the amazing pleasure of doing make up for my friend Kellie, for her wedding!!  I haven’t done a brides make up for awhile, (okay like 2 years) but it was such an amazing opportunity to see how even without going to school for make up, how much I’ve learned through things like YouTube and Instagram, and of course practice, practice, practice.

Kellie and I had a vision and I think that for me, that’s the first thing I ask people when I do their make up.  “What are you looking for?”  Some women don’t wear much make up so they want it simple, and some wear make up but want it jazzed up a bit.  This weekend I had Kellie’s hilarious personal attendant ask to look like a desperate housewife (jokingly of course and I kept it simple and basic) but it was very funny.  Kellie and I talked about her look and we decided on “modern day barbie”.  Sounds silly but, wow, it was stunning.

She is gorgeous naturally to begin with so it was so much fun to take her to the next level.  I started with TooFaced Primer and she had her own foundation that I applied with a beauty blender.  I want to say she used Maybelline Instant Age Rewind, which
isn’t her normal foundation but she forgot hers so we improvised, and we lucked out.web_primed_poreless_closed

 Next I set her foundation with HD Microfinish Powder from Make Up Forever.  Then I took my Blank Canvas Cosmetics Contouring  Palette and used my beauty blender to apply it.  Please see my post on contouring.  s1582063-main-hero-300

 Next I used Tarte blush in “Blushing Bride” and applied to just the apple of her cheeks and then gently swept it upwards towards her hair line.  Kellie has a square shaped face and smaller eyes, along with a very strong jaw line so I wanted to focus on the eyes and elongating them (if that makes sense).1201

 I applied a highlighter from Physicians Formula in Pearl and highlighted on her cheek bones.  0004438607041_500X500

Next I used my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade in Blonde and shaped up her eyebrows and then used my Naked2 Palette for her eyeshadow.  604214916463_naked2_alt2

I used a TooFaced Eyelid Primer  first and then used “Bootycall” on the inner corner of her eyes and eyelid along with “Tease” for the all over color on her eyelid and finished off the look with “Busted” on the outer corner of the eyelid.  Her eyeliner tends to run so I used a waterproof eyeliner from Sephora and lined the top and bottom of her eyes.


 We applied fake eyelashes that were only “accents because her eyes are so small that I wanted to elongate them and not over power them so I applied these just in the corner of her eye.  shopping

Then we used BareMinerals waterproof mascara on the top and bottom lashes.  Always use waterproof everything on your wedding day.  Then I finished it all off with my homemade make up setting spray (scroll to the middle) of glycerin and rose water to set her face.  Her sister Autumn took this amazing picture of her reaction to getting it sprayed on her face.image1

But here are some pictures of the finished look.

image1 image4 image7 image6 image3 image8                     These last two beauties are her personal attendant and her sister.  They both asked for fake eyelashes, eyeshadow, and eyeliner as well as some contouring and highlighting.  I kept it very basic and simple using all the same products that I used on Kellie, except the eyeshadow palette was BlueEyes from Smashbox which I honestly can’t find anymore, but here is a picture of the colors.  They both had blue eyes so it was fun to enhance them!



Here are some fun shots from the night


Friends from high school are irreplaceable


This is the only acceptable selfie I was able to take, I wasn’t feeling very photogenic to be honest. Lip color is Transylvania from NYX. Foundation is a new love, Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous in 120 with a beauty blender.

shopping (1)


End of the night!

I guess this is the part where I shamelessly advertise.  If you ask, I will do your make up for any occasion.  No I am not licensed, but the more experience I get and practice as well as pictures, statements from my happy models, maybe someday I will become licensed but until then, baby steps.  Leave me a comment, or get ahold of me through my social media.

This wedding was my first big event that didn’t end in a panic attack, and I didn’t even take my “rescue drugs”.  Adam said every time he looked over at me I was smiling and laughing, and that made him so happy.  Maybe it was being back from where I’m from, seeing old friends, or breaking out of my state of being a hermit or doing a job that required me to make someone feel beautiful, thats the tricky part.  You can tell them they are beautiful but they have to feel it, and I think all three of my ladies felt as beautiful as they looked.  For a few hours I was out of my norm and doing something that I love and am passionate about.

On the way home from the reception around midnight, we were flipping stations and 3 AM came on and Adam and I just belted out the words.  It was the perfect ending to a perfect night.

Today I even got out of the house again to watch the Vikes game at a friends house and socialize, something that I would have not done even last week.  This weekend things were looking up for me, maybe they won’t stay up, but for right now, it has stopped raining and I felt genuine happiness for the first time in a while, so outside it has stopped raining…now lets get this bladder figured out, damnit.

Please feel free to follow me on my Instagram at @sweetbeeprilipp.


One thought on “Blushing Bride

  1. Thank you love, for making me and my ladies feel beautiful on my wedding day! 🙂 Your the best and I got sooo many comments on my beauty (which you helped bring out the best of). If you live in Northern Iowa or Southern Minnesota, get Brittany to do your makeup!

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