Seattle Or Bust

Here we go Seattle

Here we go Seattle

So my husband and I took a year to decide what to do our “honeymoon” because in all honesty, we didn’t need a honey moon, neither of us were stressed about the wedding, we didn’t live together before hand so we didn’t need to “get away” and I had my appendix removed in December which was expensive and then in March we got pregnant so we were both like….”ahhhh, just put it on the back burner for now”.  Then we miscarried and we talked about going then, as if to escape reality but you can’t run from it, and I felt like a honeymoon in warm Mexico would only make me more sad as if to say “oh, now we get to enjoy endless amounts of booze and things newlyweds do because we are no longer expecting.”  So we said no.  THEN!!!! Josh got a job out in Seattle to work at Amazon and on day we both decided that that was where we were going to go for a small get away.  To see family, not bask in the sun, enjoy some hustle and bustle and how other people live.  And to see the inside of Amazon of course!!!

IMG_8669So we arrived in Seattle and my brother picked us up in a zip car after waiting 40 minutes for our luggage because apparently its really hard to get the right luggage to the right terminal.  Anyways, we went straight to his apartment which was SO adorable and so spacious 😉 it’s a one bedroom gallery style kitchen layout in the heart of downtown Seattle.

From there we went to eat at Zeek’s pizza and  I had many food-gasams in my mouth.  We had the Quintin Florentino (spelling) and I had some Cider beer.  It was so tasty.

IMG_8671 IMG_8938 IMG_8939

Then we went on a segway tour through the main attractions of Seattle, I highly recommend this, not just because its fun but its literally effortless and you don’t have to walk anywhere.


I am aware that I have a helmet on and look like I need special services. Thanks


MMMM gum wall


Christmas picture!!


Super neat Space Needle


I die laughing at his face everytime



IMG_8947 IMG_8949

And that was our Segway tour!  It was about 2.5 hours long and well worth it.  It was about $160 and you got a lot of attention.  Make sure to do your squats before you get on this thing…everything you thought didn’t jiggle, will jiggle going down the cobbly streets by Pikes market.  You are welcome.

We were pretty tired our first day so we spent a romantic..ha, evening in our hotel room watching literally nothing because the TV was so odd.  We ordered room service and chilled out.

Clubbing hard.

Clubbing hard.

View at night!

View at night!

View from our hotel

View from our hotel

The next day was our busy day!!  We ate breakfast at the hotel and then met Josh and Brittney at Amazon for a tour!!!  I’ll only share one picture because it was pretty top secret 😉


Josh’s stand up desk


Brittney brought us a tasty treat!!

After that we wandered around Pikes Market and got really romantic, drank cider, looked at the shops and waited until our Underground Tour started.

IMG_8734 IMG_8736 IMG_8958 IMG_8959 IMG_8758 IMG_8767 IMG_8755 IMG_8833 IMG_8832 IMG_8869 IMG_8978

The Underground tour is pretty hard to explain, but basically at one point in Seattle history the sidewalks that are down below city level, are the original sidewalks…please look it up it’s hard to describe.  But it was very neat and informative and you have to go when you are in Seattle, it really shows you how far Seattle has come!!

IMG_8960 IMG_8774  IMG_8778 IMG_8780

First "crapper" was brought to Seattle

First “crapper” was brought to Seattle

To put into perspective, these windows back in the day are the windows you would have looked of to see the main street in Seattle.

To put into perspective, these windows back in the day are the windows you would have looked of to see the main street in Seattle.


First wooden sewer pipe, which led to the downfall of Seattle at one point because people were literally walking in raw sewage.

IMG_8974   IMG_8786          IMG_8788

So then after that, we got drunk.  No really we did.  It was vacation for goodness sake so…we drank.  Operation hit up every 4th bar after we went to Copperworks Brewery where they brew and distill Gin and Vodka.  The Vodka…was heavenly.  Adam hated it, I loved it, he loved the Gin, I struggled.  It was literally a bar that they give you free shots and you walk out on clouds.

IMG_8793Then we went back into the market and posted up at the Pikes Market Brewery for some drinks.  I got a Moscow freaking Mule with Copperworks Vodka and Adam got some beer.  It was the best Moscow Mule I’ve ever had. Oh my.

IMG_8871 IMG_8794

Yes, those are real "hops"

I heard they recently added more “hops”

After that bar we went to a small Mexican outside bar and ordered some stupid juice.

IMG_8846 IMG_8973 IMG_8847

Then if you look closely at the middle picture you will see that well shit, there was a wine tasting bar right down the way…so we went.

IMG_8851 IMG_8859 IMG_8968 IMG_8861

Then we were drunk and hungry so we had to go to Beechers which specializes in Cheese.  Mac and Cheese to be exact.  And thats just what we got.  Along with some sort of sinful sandwich.  I wish I could add videos on here…we have a great one.

IMG_8966 IMG_8838 IMG_8837 IMG_8840

Then we had to wobble around to get to the Space Needle because thats what drunk newly weds do.  Take an elevator up to the mile high club.  ( I hate elevators by the way)  When we got up there we noticed there was a bar…so operation bar hitting kept going.  We had some wonderful Stella Rosa and enjoyed the sights.


Opps I forgot, Adam had to use the restroom and when he came out, I had found a bar in the Armory so we waited until 430 when our Space Needle tour was set to start and enjoyed a cold one.

Opps I forgot, Adam had to use the restroom and when he came out, I had found a bar in the Armory so we waited until 430 when our Space Needle tour was set to start and enjoyed a cold one.


Yes we brought that damned sunflower everywhere.

Then it was time to head back to our hotel to drink again and meet up for dinner with Josh and Britt at Petros a Mediterranean place.  The food was excellent but I think we were all exhausted to eat so much.

IMG_8969 IMG_8910 IMG_8921

We headed home afterwards and fell asleep.  The next day was a shopping day and our first time at Century Link Field!

IMG_8965 IMG_8964 IMG_8928 IMG_8930 IMG_8931 IMG_8933 IMG_8934

It truly was an amazing trip, however the last day my anxiety and bladder started to be all like “pay attention to me” so Adam and I spent the evening back at home, minor panic attack, took some meds and went to sleep only to be woken up to ZEEKS PIZZA IN MY HOTEL ROOM!!!  Adam left to go get some food and I woke up at about 9 to a medium Quentin Florentino pizza in my face.  It was wonderful.

The next morning we got ready and headed out for brunch with Josh and Brittney and our flight was at 130 I believe.

IMG_8937 IMG_8963

So good bye Seattle, hope to see you again soon…maybe for a wedding!!! 


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