Saturday Make Up


Thank you H & M


Seattle or Bust

Hey ya’ll, this is going to be a quick little blog post, I’m working on my blog post from Seattle, an update into our lives because I over share like that, and some other things such as my new fashion obsession of “minimalism” which in Brittany terms means, mostly basics with a statement piece. Basically H & M is my spirit animal. Anyways, this morning I had a pedicure and a massage scheduled instead of going to Ames, Iowa with my husband. Me being alone for a whole night is a huge step for me and my anxiety, which 2 months ago I would cling to his leg and beg him to stay.IMG_8588

Speaking of anxiety, my all natural, approach of acupuncture, I ended that the night I had a major panic attack that landed me in the ER and I am now back on 150 mg of Zoloft, 1 mg of Ativan (Lorazepam) when needed and Clonazepam for sleeping. This was hard for me to do but with self help tapes, my family, friends, and being open about what I am going through and will go through for the rest of my life I have been able to help so many people as well as myself. I could go into my faith right now, but I won’t, I just feel that I’m being prepared for something more in my life, and it helps me cope with the things that I cannot control.  Like my sudden 10 lb weight loss and my insane bladder issues.  Isn’t life beautiful?  I don’t know how much more Boost I can drink to put the weight back on.  Couple months ago, got a bladder infection, went undetected for a week, then was found, and I just haven’t been right sincewith pressure and feeling of needing to go. (sexy)  But I keep telling myself it could be way worse…the weight loss is from my stress and anxiety that limits my appetite and all the antibiotics I have been on according to Dr. Lampe in Algona after I became very dizzy to the point of passing out and my mom and sister rescued me (as they always do) and took me to the Algona clinic because I pretty much gave the finger to the hospital in Owatonna… lady told me I didn’t have an infection, I was drinking too much water.  WHAT?

So this morning, I had time on my hands and nothing else to do so I did a make up tutorial.

Tell me I’m pretty right?
I start out with Anastasia Brow wiz and outline my brows… no brainer there…


IMG_9292I outline my brow with a concealer to clean it up and put my foundation on.  I only use a primer if I’m going out for something super special but I’m a penny pincher and don’t like to waste good primer on a regular day 🙂  Then I use my beauty blender (angels singing…love this thing)with my Revlon foundation and dab it on and continue dabbing and buffing and blending until it looks like…



Then I use just an angled brush and brush my Too Faced  bronzer that I got with a mascara because it was a good price obviously… I apply it in a number 3 motion on my face (it’s not blended in the picture to try to show you) start at my forehead and make a number 3 into your cheeks and jaw line.  Then I cake my blender and dab it around blending it more.


Now it is contouring time.  I use either a brush or my blender and I use the two on the left and the one up top to contour under my eyes around my brows and my forehead and nose.

IMG_9294 Oh, stop blushing, no really I love blush…this is my favorite combo right now, pale vintage pink.  Yes please.  I put it on the apples of my cheeks based on my face shape, but some can apply it to the tops of your cheeks if you want a slimmer looking face.IMG_9295  Next I take a neutral color for my base and a brown/bronze color and use a regular eyeshadow brush to brush it on and then take my cheapo E.L.F tapered brush and windshield wipe the color into the crease.  Then I add a shimmer/white highlight on my brow bone and take that same brush and blend in the lines of the eyeshadow so its more uniform.

IMG_9296 Then I take my NYX eyeliner and line the top of my eyelash line extending it past my eyelid (kinda my signature) and then take the same brown color in my crease and with a skinny angle brush I pull that color out past the eyeliner line creating a less harsh look.  Then I use my Tarte  inner eyelid liner in my water line and finish with my favorite mascara.  Don’t forget to highlight in the corner of your tear duct.



Yes I am aware that my eyebrows are not symetrical and it bugs the

crap outa me but it’s always been like that… pobre me.

I also use the same brown color for the crease and press it into my bottom lashes for a little more definition especially if I’m taking pictures so you can see better.

Drumroll pleaseeeeeeeee

Ta-Da!! Finished project.



Thanks for reading loves, kitty purrs and human hugs, have a great evening.



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