These are a few of my favorite things….

Adam and I try to walk every single night after work, about 2.5 miles and then have supper…then after supper I take a shower, clean up the house, and get things ready for the next day…anyways.  In my shower this evening I took a look around and realized that some of my favorite products that I use everyday are staring back at me, which reminded me that I should probably blog soon.  What better time than now right?

1937459_10203226567242976_2455712384696044700_nMy first current favorite item deserves a shout out to my good friend Alissa McGuire (Ah-Lisa) for those of you who pronounced it wrong :P.  She came to me via text and was really concerned about her skin.  She was on new medication for her migraines and her skin freaked out.  She had what she felt was “terrible” acne, worse than what she had as a teenager (she’s 26 now) and I told her a few things that I was trying, but I too was struggling with “terrible” acne.  After the miscarriage my skin just went nuts.  My whole back was covered in cystic acne as well as my chest and my face was breaking out around the perimeter.  Here’s what happened… Went off birth control, immediately started to break out, got pregnant, then quickly became un-pregnant (thats my new word), as well as went off Zoloft.  So squeeze this into about an 8 week time frame with my hormones through the roof, then suddenly they were dormant.

I knew it was bad when I had my husband put acne cream on my back and he said “Sweetie…it’s not good.”  This is coming from the man who doesn’t even notice when I’m not wearing make up (or so he “says”).  So I told Alissa that I honestly didn’t know what to do either but I would keep her updated.  She texted me a few weeks later and said she had found the holy grail.

220 300Clearasil Ultra saved her face, and my back.  Especially the treatment lotion.  Within a week almost all my cysts were “under control”, and my face was clear.  I used the face scrub in the morning in the shower and at night on my back, chest, and face.  The lotion is the real life saver however.  I have an extremely greasy face so this is an oil control as well and does not dry out my face or back, however, if you don’t have an oily face I would really be cautious when using this product because it is rapid action as well as can cause you more problems if you have a sensitive face, or are using this for “mild” acne.  I still occasionally get a cystic pimple about once a month but putting the rapid lotion on it over night every night for about 3 days diminishes it and dries it up.  This stuff also doesn’t dis color my clothing like some acne creams can.

Acne is embarrassing, depressing, and annoying.  I cannot say that this will work for everyone but it worked for me and Alissa.  It also takes care of scars that past acne has left behind.  I’ve said this a million times but I do not have a good camera and did not take before and after pictures but I do have Alissa’s before and after.  Some of you may say “this is nothing” but to her it was a big deal, as well as my back acne… I could barely wear a bra because it hurt so bad.

IMG_5320            IMG_2734

BEFORE                                                                        AFTER


On to my next big thing…

In college I tried Wen and really liked it, but not for the price.  It wasn’t THAT amazing for almost $130 a shipment.  Yeah, true story.  So I was in HyVee the other day and randomly found this….

Herbal Essences Naked Cleansing Conditioner 



It is honestly a Wen dupe.  My hair isn’t super thin, but it’s thin enough that shampoo and conditioner that IS NOT salon quality will weigh it down and get very greasy.  Oh, and I only wash my hair about 3-4 times a week.  How is that possible you ask?  I’ve trained my hair to survive without being washed everyday.  I do not become a grease ball like I used to when I washed it everyday.  You hair will adapt, it’s taken me about a year plus, but I can pull together a second day hairstyle pretty easily.  Anywhosie, If you read into what Wen is, it’s basically just a conditioner, shampoo, detangler, deep conditioner, etc all in one.  It doesn’t have any harsh chemicals that you sometimes find in your normal drugstore shampoo and conditioner.  I don’t know about all of your finances, but Adam and I are on a budget, we live comfortably but we wouldn’t be doing so if I were to be spending all of our extra money on expensive make up, hair products, and countless other things.  So I’m always on a mission to find the cheaper alternative.  For example, canceling my ProActive and finding the Clearasil.  But, back on track, I only buy (when I do purchase salon shampoo) organic and sulfate free shampoo.  This means that it doesn’t lather up like your typical shampoo from the drugstore does.  I still from time to time use Onesta  which seems to work amazingly, but it comes at a price.  This Herbal Essences Wen dupe is so easy and inexpensive.  I use about 3 pumps and let it sit in my hair for 3-4 minutes while I do other really important things in the shower…shower-gifrinse it out, and style it like normal.  It doesn’t suds up in your hair but leaves it with lots of volume.  If you want to be really cheap and still get results, I’d recommend doing this .


Speaking of Herbal Essence… try out their body washes.  Talk about a nosegasam.  They smell so good!


Another fav… Nad’s Facial Wax Strips…pretty self explanatory but I use this for the peach fuzz on my face, I feel it works better than a depilatory cream, and smells a lot better as well.

300 (1)


How about some make up?  My go to lipstick is this by L’Oreal Paris in Julianne’s Nude.  This is for fair skin tones, which I have more of a medium tone, but it is still absolutely perfect for any occasion. undefined - Lips - L'Oreal Paris


I plan on getting Eva’s nude, and Jennifer’s nude as well when my monthly make up budget is reimbursed.


I suppose I should wrap this up…but before I do..ONE MORE THING!

For the first time in THREE years I got a new purse.  YES THREE YEARS.  Like I’ve said before, we aren’t made of money, I don’t get to buy a new purse for every season.  However, I had a purse from Forever21 that was a pale pink, super vintage and retro, and I loved it.  I don’t love a lot of things but I never got sick of it…however, this past weekend, (I just happened to be in Kohl’s) it broke.  So I let my husband know I was getting a new purse and looked for maybe two minutes when I found it… 1813562_Nude_Black

If anyone knows me, they know that this has me written all over it.  

 It’s big, but not too big.  It is wide, with some compartments and goes with EVERY OUTFIT!  It’s basic, it’s simple, and classic with a touch of something bold.  The Lizzy Shopper from Kohl’s.  YES PLEASE.

Thanks for reading, I still am working on a smokey eye tutorial but sometimes I get ADD and just have to blog about something right now…

Also for those of you who are following our story and are in the loop with our lives, I’ve recently started acupuncture for my anxiety that has really taken a toll on me these last few months since being medication free.  I hope to write about my progress soon, my daily rituals that I now do to calm my anxiety and panic attacks, and what natural things I do to get a good night sleep when I can feel a panic attack coming on and I know that sleep will help.  I will start doing acupuncture once a week for a month, then I will be evaluated on how I feel I am doing, is it working, if so how can we maintain it or improve it, or if it doesn’t end up working as well I had wanted, what we can do next.


5 thoughts on “These are a few of my favorite things….

  1. Love your blog! I might try the face wash. A lot cheaper than clinique. I have oily hair so u think that shampoo would work?

  2. Definitely might have to give that Herbal Essences a try! My hair gets dry in the winter time and have always wanted to try Wen, but knowing how expensive, I want an alternative! Let me know how acupuncture works! My mom thinks its supposed to be amazing and I am not a fan of needles all over the place!

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