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So I always like to switch it up on the blog and have some sentimental things, some make up things, some tricks and things, and some funny things…So this time I’m going to have a guest blogger.  Now this person knows fashion, they know make up, and they know life.  I’m so excited to get the opportunity to have this person here to share with you all their morning routine, any tips or tricks they have, and what they do in just everyday life.


CELEBRITY BLOGGER – ADAM PAUL PRILIPP (husband, international sex symbol)

Hello all. After reading through my wife’s blog posts I infused the idea into her brain to switch things up a bit with a guest blog post.  If you were hoping this blog post would help you choose the proper shading underneath your eyes or the perfect color of lipstick – proceed with caution.  I could think of a million things I would be more qualified at talking about – like for example “What toilet paper you need based on last night’s supper ingredients”.  Now married, these are the kind of things that keep me up at night. Regardless – I promised my wife I would at least touch a bit on my “fashion” sense.559392_506401132751222_1965064347_n

Let me first start by saying that I was the kid in high school and even college that wore mesh gym shorts and “insert school mascot / school sporting event” shirt or sweatshirt every single day.  I was the kid walking around campus with shorts on in January – I’d rather be cold and comfortable than warm and…. well…. uncomfortable.  My budget for clothes throughout CIMG0354college was uhhhh…. let’s be honest if I didn’t get it for free then I probably didn’t have it.  That money was strictly reserved for Wednesday pint night and Thursday Mug night. Actually – those nights were pretty cheap. It was the proceeding Friday and Saturday nights that stole all the money. I’m not saying that in a bad way – many nights were well worth it.

Thinking of this got me thinking about college again – specifically my senior year and how worthless I was.  Don’t get me wrong – I still did OK in school, but I specifically took all of my harder classes and took more credits my junior year so I could cruise through the final year.  I don’t recall if my wife has touched on this in a previous blog post, but my senior year of college Brittany and I did not have the best relationship. Blame it on whatever you want – I feel like I know exactly what happened to cause our (now insignificant) downfall.  In my opinion, it is really nothing to be ashamed of or be embarrassed for, because this shit happens to a lot of people all over the world. It was quite simple: Brittany got wedding fever after being the maid of honor in her sister’s wedding, and I (from day one) always wanted to wait until after I finished college to think about marriage.  I wanted one more year to cruise through school and she wanted a commitment RIGHT MEOW. It’s crazy to think something so stupid could’ve been the cause of us never being with each other ever again. Holy shit – I WAS stupid.

I had a feeling in the back of my head the whole time though…

That feeling was proven based on my motives throughout my senior year. You would think a guy with an open leash for the first time since high school would be out on the prowl for some fine young hotties.  I was more content sitting in my bedroom with a fridge full of natural lights and an Xbox 360 controller in my mitts.  I would
still go out quite a bit, but I enjoyed shooting the shit with my guy friends so much that I really had no motivation to start hunting for gals.  Seriously – if any of my good friends are reading this – thank you for keeping me distracted.  There was a streak of about 7-8 weeks in a row where between three houses we had a day keg every single saturday. When you are hammered drunk by 2:00 every Saturday, there is really no motive to do…. well… anything. Other than to continue drinking of course.

Sometimes it got a little too aggressive. Sometimes a massive bonfire is ignited in your backyard with a molotov cocktail – with the neighbors fence being used as firewood. This is especially concerning when it happens at about 1:00 in the afternoon.  I felt bad lying to the lady fire chief – she was actually pretty cool about the whole thing. I told her everything was under control and that we did not start the fire with gasoline (both lies).  That is what a morning of beer olympics followed by multiple games of beer darts will do for you. It was VEISHEA.


557960_4972261462312_759119132_nNow for this picture…well, this was just a bossy night out.

ANYWAYS – I digress. I was suppose to talk fashion (or lack thereof). Note to users: this may be bad advice so feel free to criticize as needed.

After being married now for about a year, I have been taught how to dress a little nicer when just going out for a beer or going out for a major event.  One rule I now ALWAYS implement : for a formal wedding (or similar events) – ALWAYS wear a dress shirt and tie.  Even if you are invited to a wedding and only go to the reception, ALWAYS wear a dress shirt and tie.  I find events like this much more enjoyable when I am dressed properly for the occasion – call me weird but it’s true. Dressing up somewhat nice will always help boost confidence, and when mixed with a couple toddys can be extremely effective.  I’ve retired from flirting with women, so you may think “what the hell is the point?” The confidence boost makes talking to strangers, distant relatives, and your friends’ parents MUCH more enjoyable.  For any guys reading this – if you don’t believe me – try it out! For any girls – don’t let your guy go to these without a shirt and tie. I wouldn’t recommend it if it was expensive – you can get a very nice shirt/ tie combo for about $35 if you look in the right places. I recommend getting 3-4 shirts and 3-4 ties. Select ties that can go with multiple shirt colors and BOOM – you have at least 10 shirt/tie combinations that you could use throughout the year without spending another dime.  If you take good care of them, they should last a long time as well. Last I checked, shirt and ties have been in style forever, so you don’t have to worry about them going out of style.

Oh yeah – make sure to roll the sleeves up to the elbows. Why? I don’t know just do it – it looks badass.

Going out for a casual night at the bar doesn’t require too much thought.  My new love is those thin half-zip up jackets that can be worn with any type of pants or shorts. Seriously – you can mix them with anything, and wear them almost anytime of the year. Do NOT get cotton material, as it get’s waaaaay too hot in IMG_6557the summer and looks cheap.  Always get polyester material or something similar, as it breathes much easier and is lighter to wear.  These things are so versatile in that they are nice enough for me to wear to work with dress pants but also casual enough for me to wear them with shorts at the lake.  These type of zip-up jackets can get really expensive, so I advise you to shop around with caution.  Do NOT go spending $50 or more on a nice jacket. I got my favorite jacket on the discount rack at an IZOD Outlet store for $10 bucks. TEN FREAKING DOLLARS. And I can wear it in every season of the year.

Also – wear plain shirts. Guys that go out with busy shirts look like little kids. A little logo here or there isn’t bad, but when the entire shirt looks like the finger paint station at preschool, it’s time to switch it up. Plain shirts look nicer and are usually CHEAPER!!

Boom. Do you feel smarter? This marks the end of my celebrity blog post, and I hope I did not waste the last five minutes of your life.  Do not worry – Brittany will be continuing with her regular posts in the near future about all things life / make-up/ girl stuff! If I have inspired you, feel free to send me money. After all, I did spend a couple thirteen, fourteen minutes of my life writing this for you. I’ll get you my information if requested. LoL.


Here’s a snapshot of my typical style…I mean I must be doing something right..My wife. Smokin hott.  Not in like a “can’t talk to her, start stuttering, type of hott, but a nice hott.  A great smile, big blue eyes, she starts talking and you actually want to listen hott.






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