It’s my birthday!!!

Hey! I know I said I would get a blog posting for a smokey eye soon but Adam and I have been so busy and I hate being distracted when blogging.  We have honestly been living out of a suitcase for the past five weekends,

imageand I’m not complaining because keeping busy is the best thing for us right now.  Everyday after we both get off work around 530 ish we go for a 3 mile walk around Owatonna and come back and make supper, then I usually clean or do whatever needs to be done and go downstairs with him until about 9:30 pm when I go up to bed and my Melatonin has kicked in.  I’ve been dealing with Insomnia lately which has to do with my hormones still getting back to normal and everything regulating itself (TMI I know) again so staying on a consistent schedule helps me to stay sane, but anyways.

Today we are heading to Okoboji back in Iowa for RAGBRAI which will be there Sunday night and they ride out Monday.  My husband is riding from Okoboji to Emmetsburg just to say he’s done it. His grandparents have a cabin on the East side of the lake so having a place to stay with jet skies and a boat is never a problem :).

So with us leaving AGAIN, and having next weekend COMPLETELY free for me to get caught up on everything, I thought today I would just throw out some tips and tricks I’ve been using lately and new things I have discovered.

First off, I’ve already blogged about this but, Baby Oil, the cheapest you can find from a drugstore will take your eye make up off better than anything else and will not sting or irritate them.  I’ve been using baby oil for the past 2 years I believe and a $1 bottle lasts about 4 months.



My next tip is a little more strange.  Cornstarch.  This stuff, if you have an oily face is sooooo great.  I’ve used it before but just lately I’ve really been using it on a trial basis.  Cornstarch is used in a lots of setting powders that you purchase at the drugstore.  Cornstarch is a thickening agent for gravies but can also be used to set your make up.  Cornstarch is a dense powder but when dusted on, spreads out evenly and gives your skin a porcelain finish for roughly $2 a box.  I dust it on after my make up has set for about a minute in my T-zone that gets the oiliest.  Sometimes I spread it onto my cheeks under my cheek bone but that’s only if I’m going to be out all day with make up on.  I got an old powder container and cleaned it out and put about a half cup of powder in and then just use it as you would regular powder.  You can mix it in with your foundation if you don’t want to apply the powder directly to your face.  Just sprinkle some onto a small plate or a petri dish (you should use this anyways when applying liquid foundation to limit the amount of bacteria you put on your face when you transfer foundation from your brush to your face) and then either dip your brush into the cornstarch and then into the foundation or vice versa, then depending on your type of brush, either blend it into your face or stipple it on.  If you are using a beauty blender, I’m just going to assume that it won’t work and if you want to try the cornstarch, just brush it on with a powder brush.  (Don’t forget, concealer on after your foundation and blend it in 🙂 )

My husband just came downstairs asking what I’m blogging about and I said “just make up tips.”  He stares down at our cat and says “Zelly, mom says she’s blogging about make up and her tits…that’s just not cool”.  Me-” TIPS Adam.”  Him-“Yeah, your tits are going to be all over the internet.”

My last tip is also a DIY.  I love make up setting sprays  but I hate the price, and a lot of them leave me feeling kinda sticky.  So I took the internet to find a good DIY spray.  I found the following one…brace yourself, it’s an intricate one.

Rose Water


Spray bottle

WHOA did you write that all down?  No for real guys, these are some of the main ingredients in your setting spray, they also just have preservatives in them to keep it from going bad.  I read that making small batches is safer and less likely to go bad.  I made enough to last me about a month in a small E.L.F spray bottle that once contained a mist setting spray that didn’t do crap.  So, what you do is, based on how oily your face is, 1/4 glycerin to 3/4 water.  Which means if you have a bottle (depending on the size), fill it 1/4 with glycerin that you find at your drugstore ( I found mine at Hy-Vee) and then top it off with your rose water that you also find at your drugstore. (If your face is really oily do it 1/5 glycerin and the rest rose water) Put the lid back on and tip it upside down so the Glycerin disperses through the bottle (takes about 30 seconds to a minute) and then shake it up, and don’t forget to shake it up every time you use it.  Hold it an arms length ( I do about a 3/4 arms length away cause my arms are really long *puts head down in shame*) and spray it in four sections.  I do it on each side of my face, my forehead, and then right in the middle.  You can also use this to refresh your make up because the rose water in it is a natural substance that leaves you with a great smelling face and a cool refreshing feel.

shopping (2) shopping (1)

Side note:

You can use distilled water instead of rose water, I just love the smell.  Google for other setting spray DIY’s and try them out, this was just my first one and it smells similar to my Mario Badescu setting spray  which is actually very cheap but any time I can save money, I do.

The cornstarch also can clog your pores so if you don’t need to use it everyday then don’t, but so far my pores are doing good (keep it up guys!) and I do it just to set my make up if I’m going to be out in the heat all day, like when we go to Boji.  I always apply a tinted moisturizer or a just a moisturizer with SPF and then I will dust the powder on to keep my SPF in place.

However, now it’s time for me to start packing for another 3 day weekend getaway.

Happy birthday to me, but also happy day to my mother who was blessed with me as a daughter who weighed in at a whopping 9 lbs 11 oz and was 22 inches long.  I am so sorry mom for being so large, but now I’m this tall gangly 25 year old who loves you more than I ever thought was possible.  Thanks for giving me life and loving me at my best and even more at my worst.  And of course I love my Dad too, I know he had a part in making me too…haha… ewwww.





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