Eye must ask you…

10325380_10202810288276261_6469161497875108701_nMake up blog!! Finally!! I debated what I should blog about this month and weird, settled on make up.  I can’t have too many sappy but inspirational blogs.  I would lose most of my followers because you only handle so much “YEAH TAKE THAT WORLD” posts.

I first must talk about eyebrows.  We have been watching Orange Is The New Black and some of the eyebrows on there, I don’t know man….After I got engaged was when I first started to notice eyebrows and the depth and character they can give a face.  You know when you look in a mirror and you like a lot of what you see but you still think somethings missing..yeah it’s your eyebrows hun.  You can have a great smokey eye or a bare eye but you still need to fill in your eyebrows to give shape to your face and to frame in your eyes.

I stumbled across Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade.


It really is all that it’s cracked up to be.  I got it in blonde, but in all honesty the next time I order I think I could manage the dark brown because I tint my eyebrows a dark brown when I get my hair colored and had to stop when I received my dipbrow because the color was a little bit lighter than my natural brows but still fills in just fine, I just have to go over it again with a dark brown eyebrow pencil.  Practice does make perfect.  I do not have the actual brush that you are supposed to use but mine, it’s similar and way cheaper, however I will most likely be purchasing it soon since I haven’t spent my “monthly quota” on make up yet.  HERE  are some eyebrow inspo pictures and her link to Instagram.  Here is a simple tutorial  … this chick looks like a girl I know, Sarah McCall, too by the way.  It is pretty simple but again, you have to look at the shape that your eyebrows naturally are and enhance that.  You can’t fake eyebrows.  Here are some before and afters that after a year or two of growing out eyebrows and the difference that it can make  .  My camera on my phone is awful so I don’t have any recent pictures of my eyebrows but even when I started using dipbrow my eyebrows weren’t what I wanted, now they are starting to grow out longer and not so thick and bunchy.

I honestly just spent about an hour going through old pictures trying to find a picture that does my eyebrows justice both good and bad….This was about a year apart.

Image 1

And this one is from about three weeks ago, you know pretty standard kitten kissing and stuff.


But anyways.  So practice makes perfect and having the right tools to do your eyebrows is sooo important, and once you have your desired shape and have filled them in, make sure you take a concealer brush and go around the outline of your eyebrows blending in the product so you don’t have a beautiful shape but then some color outside the lines.  Then set it with some eyebrow gel that you can get at any drugstore.  I use the Sonia Kashuk eyebrow gel 12407933_130430015807and just swipe it across your eyebrow horizontally across your arch but going in an upwards motion at the start of your eyebrow to create the  more polished look like Lily Collins masters… ( I just love Lily Collins and everything she does…plus   she has THE best eyebrows) 7fa5e6f7a0aa2da3cc34b34b482166c6

Here are just some more clips of eyebrows that will help you out, it’s really hard to type out directions for eyebrows without being hands on and showing you.  Here is another youtuber that I like, Jaclyn Hill.

7872ddce416fc5a0564015f44fc80d23 2006ec74f3675d6da2e376e366d4e53f

I will post one more link for you to read about eyebrow tips and tricks but I will leave you with one of my rules…Do not over  tweeze in between your eyebrows if you don’t have to, you will get the spare hair or two but in general, the more you over pluck, the wider your nose will look.  This picture helps explain where your eyebrows SHOULD start.


I do understand that not everyone has good eyebrows and some have naturally thin ones, but try growing them out for a few months and see what shape comes of them and only tweezing the spare hairs that creep up underneath the natural shape of your eyebrow.  I am still working on my eyebrows and they are the one thing that I never leave the house without doing.  Once you start noticing eyebrows you will never stop.  So either thank me or curse me, trust me, whats been seen can never be unseen.


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