So now that you got some basics, lets add some accessories.

We will be covering flats, scarves, jewelry, pumps, boots, hats, handbags, etc.


I love them…I’m tall and they are my saving grace when I’m teaching… But of course…what kind of flats do you need?

Basic and neutral colors of course… Black, nude, and a pop of color…a color that compliments lots of colors…like maybe a bright blue or a bright red..a color that can go with things.  Pair a bright blue flat with skinny jeans and a light green shirt?  Hello, color blocking…just make sure your jeans are a lighter wash so it doesn’t break up your outfit and cause you to stare at only your crotch in the jeans.

The comfiest flats I have are from Old Navy…I have some Steve Maddens but they aren’t all they are cracked up to be.  The black flats I have from Old Navy were actually on clearance for $5 for the end of the season sale about a month ago so it was a huge steal.  The nude Steve Maddens I have, I don’t wear much because they just don’t support my foot.  Maybe I have dumb feet…I don’t know.  But these can serve as your basic black flats that can be casual or dressy.  Love that.  So, you have your basic flats…. maybe you have black, tan, and grey..all from Old Navy..YAY YOU!!  You can honestly find them anywhere such as  But say you want some fun flats to dress up an all black or all white outfit.  Cheetah print!! Like these from Target which, weird, I have too.  I like the stud embellishment on the back…I like dual purpose know like shoes as weapons.  So those can be worn with plaid, basic black, greens, yellows, purples… fashion these days is like a really artistic kind of have to stare at it for a bit before you actually see what it is.  Fashion to me are pieces that compliment each other and stand out and has that little something that people notice last and go “ahh…thats real neat”.

If you aren’t into printed flats but want a little more pizzaz with your shoe..look into ankle these which are on my “To Purchase” list.  More on a “To Purchase” list later…its important.


The height of your heel is per your comfort level. I stay under 4 inches because I’m 5’9…and I like a thick heel because I’m super uncoordinated and skinny heels…with my budget anyways, aren’t as sturdy as those with thick heels (its science).  Or I do a wedge…because everyone loves wedges.  Colors? Styles?  That all depends on your personal style.  My sister has tons of heels, different heels for different outfits.  I am not that way.  I’m a basic person, like I’ve stated before, I like simple outfits with a pop of something.  In my closet I have black heels, nude peep toe heels, a suede wedge that I wear a lottttt, black booties, and a pair of grey wedge booties.  I have been working on finding the perfect heels & establishing a good staple heel collection…but it’s just not money right now that I want to spend.  But if I had the money…black heels …these have just enough point and height to never go out of style.  I chose a strap shoe because like I said STAPLE items…shoes with a strap show that you are practical and they will stay on when you are out running bar to bar…te he…or from the cops…whatever you are into…but strap heels can also be sexy…a reserved kind of sexy.  But if you aren’t into the strap then here are your basic black heels.  Nude heels… Sometimes I enjoy patent finish but other times I don’t.  These work for me however…maybe because they are ASOS and I love ASOS but yeahhhh.  These are your go to heels that will match almost anythinggggg.  If you are into wedges…find these in wedges…easy peasy lemon squeezie.


Again…neutral colors.. Grey, Black, Brown.

Before we go any further… YOU CAN DO BLACK AND BROWN TOGETHER!  Another go to look of mine is black leggings, brown sweater and brown riding boots.  So amazing!

So grey boots.  I have grey booties and grey heel boots, no flats yet…on my “purchase list”. But these are perfect…the sole isn’t too thick and manly and have enough details like the buckles.

Black boots…Do I really need to say much?  Black boots for day, night, church, work, etc etc… Black boots are milk to my cereal…they are always there when I need them.  They work with almost everything and pull together a look at the last minute.

Brown boots ( just so everyones aware… I am watching Pretty Little Liars while I do all this)…this boot is great because it comes in tan and cognac which is kind of like the nude heels of boots.

Again, depending on your style…if you want heels on these…more power to you!  Image

Okie…enough for tonight…this is a good way to keep you fine people coming back…I just use my laziness to my advantage and you guys will come back tomorrow for the accessories part continued!!


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    • Miss you and loves you too!! I know I will… I’m super picky about what I put on here because it has to be do-able for everyone and honestly has to work for everyone…so I do got that in my head…anything else you want to see?! And share my blog with people… It’s literally the best thing ive done.

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