Women say they have nothing to wear…but what they mean is they have nothing to wear that reflects how they feel that day.

HOLY CANOLI I’ve been MIA for awhile…  I’m not really sure why.  I have had all of this information in the back of my mind, I just wasn’t feeling inspired and I never want this blog to become part of my never ending “list of things to do”…that would make my dream become a task and “no body got time for dat”.

I wanted to write a post about closet staples… I know there are lots of these out on the internet but how about one from a small town girl with champagne taste and a sparkling grape juice budget?!  So I’ll try to break this down…

The first thing obviously.. a little black dress 

Not just any black dress, this has to be flawless.  This dress must be able to take you from funeral to wedding to a night out (switch up the shoes and make up).  If you want sleeves such as a cap sleeve, quarter sleeve or 3/4 sleeve.. well thats just adding more class to your sass so more power to you, but if your perfect dress is sleeveless, and maybe strapless, a coverup will be the next thing on your shopping list…a modest cover up at that.  But back to the dress… This is not the time to show off what you got.  A LBD is meant to flatter what you have…not show off.  I searched high and low for a dress that would work for almost any body type…and I found this one that I just cannot get enough of.  How flawless is this?  The lines & the structure are just…ugh. yes please.  If you are a chic that needs a little sex appeal..just turn around..that zipper will draw the eye up and down your luscious bod.

On top of having the perfect black dress…you also gotta have a fun dress… this one can take you from wedding to out on the town.  It’s classy enough and sexy enough that your friends or significant other that is with you won’t feel like they need to hide your vagina whenever you bend over to pick up your purse or something.

Up next… the plain white t

This is my go to outfit… a plain white t with skinny jeans, heels, half tucked in with a statement jewelry piece or a bold make up.  There are lots of ways you can go with this.  Bold make up with simple hair in a top knot, or sexy sultry make up with loose hair.  Or keep it completely casual with simple and fresh make up.  But be warned…if you have a deep-v make sure you have nude bra and sticky tape…it can take you from classy to trashy real quick when you see a bra strap or part of the bra cup. (these T’s can be in any color people)


Skinny jeans

I prefer dark wash jeans because I feel that light wash can either look too casual or cheap, but its your preference.  Tight, form fitting, and flattering jeans that can be worn with boots, flats, or pumps.  Look for ankle skinny jeans…these are tighter around the ankle and not the awkward loose fit at the bottom.  I look for mid-waist jeans regardless of the fit because I have a very long torso and having low rise jeans makes me look gangly… but a higher waist jean in general will elongate your legs and will keep any mid drift that you may have showing concealed…because… well…this is hard to say…the mid-drift shirts are over used and over worn…you can only wear crop tops so many times before people begin making fun of you.

Trouser jeans


I have trouser jeans from William Rast that I love… but I cannot find online… now beware this link that I am going to post is wayyyyyy toooooo expensive for me…by like 150$ but look at the shape and fit of the jeans…this is a trouser jean.  A tailored fitted jean like this can take you from church, job interview, work, or into the night. These are my jeans that I love to the moon and back…as well as photo cred to Maleri Jo … who chases the sunlight and captures your life just as you want to see it.

Tank tops…

Neutral color tanks will never go out of style and will work with anything…loose fitting tank tops can work for day, night, and all seasons (with the proper cover ups).  I have a black tank top from Target that I have had for about 4 years that I still wear.  It scoops down, loose fitting..perfection.  Try this one.  Or get it in white.

Remember people….this is just a closet full of staple items… I don’t care if you have tanks in every color… I’m saying that when you have nothing to wear-you grab for these outfits that will NEVER FAIL.

The homely sweater..Image

Now…I have all my sweaters from Goodwill stores but a sweater like this can work for almost anything.  Wear it with skinny jeans, shorts, capris, boyfriend jeans, a skirt, leggings, etc… it will never fail.  Just remember if you are going to wear this sweater out for a date night or dinner, accessories are key.  Pull your hair up into a top knot, add some peal stud earrings or a chain necklace, like this or this and do a bold lip with skinny jeans and flats.  Perfectiiioooonnnn (say that in a high opera voice please)

Go to dress shirt/blouse

Gotta go to church with Grandma?  Last minute interview?  Or a conference with a parent (yes… these do spring up with a days notice)  A shirt like this will pull together any outfit.  It is simple, classy, but can be sexy if you want to wear it out…pair it with some pleather shorts and sheer tights…girlll you are business casual gone sexy.



Okay… Any color, length, fit…homely, fitted, sheer…you need them all.  Cardigans save an outfit.  You can wear them with anything.  Floral dress?  Find a color in the dress and get a cardigan with it…put the cardigan on, take a belt, synch it up over the cardigan.. you got a yes please outfit.


This doesn’t need a lot of detail.. because these are a necessity.  They work for all seasons…Summer nights..pair it with shorts…Spring time… pair it with skinny jeans and sandals… fall…PAIR IT WITH EVERYTHING!!  You can do skirts, jeans, shorts, shorts with tights…we love fall.  And of course winter.  I have this exact sweater and it is like a safety harness for me when I go out of town..as long as I have a sweater like this… I’ll always be right on point when it comes to attire.  Image

This is one of the coolest people I have ever met..by the way… Brittany and Brittany with her husband Adam…and my husband Adam.  It’s pretty neat.  She also has a story to tell.  I always talk about being real, and raw…nope..this girl… this girl is tits.

I feel like this is a lot of information… and I haven’t even gotten to scarves, shoes, clothes for different seasons, hats, jewelry….. and it is a Monday..and we all know that Mondays actually mean “bend me over and screw me sideways”.  So I’ll leave this post as is for now… plus I bought some dark chocolate hot cocoa and it needs to be in my belly 5 minutes ago.



3 thoughts on “Women say they have nothing to wear…but what they mean is they have nothing to wear that reflects how they feel that day.

  1. Yayyy you love me… you really love me 😀 helps me feel not so creepy stalkerish. I am honored!

    Thank you for this post and please come over and help me with my closet! I tend to only shop for bright eccentric pieces and then go crazy when i dont have necessary “staple” items to wear with them. I think thats why my wardrobe is such a mess! Love this post, love this blog, love you!!!

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