Lists and sh*t

I love lists!! 

I just made a to do list for Adam and I for the weekend.  I gave Adam his “to-do” list and he looked at it and said okay yeah great but I’m going to go downstairs first and do nothing.

*Leaves me standing in the kitchen with the list…then I follow suit.*

So here I am on my computer and I came across a make up to do list!!!  This is brilliant because even if I can remember to do everything in the morning it is still awesome to just have something to reference back to & make sure you did in-fact do everything to make you look like a straight up bombshell.

ImageI have yet to find a BB or a CC cream that is worth bragging about… so I will still be on the hunt.

When it comes to setting powder…or just any powder like a tone correcting powder, use sparingly.  When I contour in the mornings it is a powder base so think of baking…you put your flour in, then your baking soda, then some salt, some sugar…etc…all those powders will mix together and sit on top of each other and become fluffy and flaky.  Too much powder will make you look like a fairy who fell into her fairy dust.  So instead, I put on my foundation and let it set for about 3 minutes and then I take a kleenex and blot my face.  This will set your make up before you apply any type of powder base.  So once you have blotted and set your foundation then you can contour.

In previous posts I have talked about my type of contouring powder palette and it’s from here .  I bought the F21 angled contouring brush.  I have yet to decide if it was the right brush for my face.  I find that angled brushes tend to work like poo on my face and I like more control with blunt brushes or this type that for me just seems to give me more power.  And I’m a woman so I can use all the extra power I can get ( woman joke ).  But yeah anyways.  I am not lucky enough to have an awesome camera and I broke my Iphone camera… my husband is really impressed with my ability to keep my electronics in tip top shape. <— hahahhahahah

So anyways… here is my face


So yeah….I like to contour the sides of my forehead and right in the middle all close to my hair line.  Then I carry it down to the hollows of my cheeks and my chin.  My chin I feel is very pointy so I like to pay special attention to the tip of my chin and make sure that I am bringing my darkest contouring shade down to my chin and blending it in with everything.  Think of the number 3 when you are contouring….the top of the three starts at your forehead, the hump is going around your eyebrows, the middle part of the three is your cheek bone area, and the last hump is going from your cheeks to your chin area.


Like before…determine your face shape and start practicing.  You can watch 3 million videos on contouring but you will only be good at it if you practice and get the proper tools such as a beauty blender don’t need to pay $20 for one..most local beauty department stores will have them for under $10.  With this nifty thang again, practice makes perfect.  Watch this …I haven’t followed many of her vlogs but props to her because she is NOT annoying…shes so real.  I find that with lots of beauty vloggers they can get really annoying.  Here is another vlogger that is hit or miss…sometimes she reminds me too much of Gretchen Wieners in Mean Girls …this however is extremely helpful for daytime contouring and newbies.



So there’s that.


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