Eye Think You Should Read This

Truth be told… I look awful without eyeshadow.  I have lots of friends however that actually look too gaudy with it on.  It all depends on your eyelid shape.  I have a friend with very prominent eyelids, I’ll ask permission to share a picture of course, but she is very exotic looking and can do either no eyeshadow, or a lot & it just works.  I have another friend who only needs a thick line of eyeliner and a little wing at the end and she looks like a sex kitten.  I have deep set eyes and my eye lid hangs over.  I feel like an old lady most times but it’s actually fun to have this because it means I can pretty much do whatever style of eyeshadow that I want.

Whaddya mean?

It means basically that I can choose one base color with a highlight in my tear duct, or I can go mild with a base color and add a darker shade to the outside corner or I can black out or-or don’t go out it up & get real crazy.  My favorite thing to do with my eyes is highlight the tear duct and bring it into the inner lid just a little…Then with a matte eyeshadow (one with no sparkley shit) cover my entire lid  just enough to go up past my eye socket bone…does that make sense?  I’ll pry insert some pictures if your lucky.  but then I take a deeper color either matte or glittery and I lightly darken the corners or my eyes and carry it through the crease of my eye under my eye socket.

whats your eye shape So I mean if you look at this and put a face to the eye lid… like the hooded lid, you will find a lot of asian or chinese people have this type.  If that helps?

Eyeshadow can really do a lot for a face..just a simple sweep of a base color can take you from day to night.  Now of course you are supposed to do eyeshadow colors based on your eye color…but honestly f that because if I wanna wear yellow and look disgusting, I’ll pry do it.

But I tend to gravitate to peaches, browns, purples, and shimmers (white)  The Naked2 palette is a must have.  Fuck all of them you should have.  But know how to use them.  The lighter ones are obviously for highlighting or using alone, while the darker ones are for contouring.  To avoid looking stupid, if you are new at this and want dark & smokey eyes…. START SLOW.  Take a light shade like ‘bootycall’ (real name) and sweep it across your whole eyelid and stuffing it into your tear duct.  Sometimes you can use your pinky finger to give it a more metallic and shiny appearance, your finger will give you a more true color compared to a brush.

Then choose a darker color and sweep it over the middle part of your eye…if you do not sweep/blend, you are going to have lines and look stupid.  Remember after you have determined what type of eyes you have-this will tell you how dark you can get your eyes.  If you have close set eyes you need to focus the darker shades towards the outside of your eyes…too much dark will make your eyes look smaller.  Finish with eyeliner.  When doing eyeliner start from the inside of your tear duct and go to the middle.  Stop.  Pick up your eyeliner and take it to the outer corner of your eye and draw your line of eyeliner backwards to meet the previous line that you made.  This will keep those ripples out of your eyeliner.  Do not do it in one fluid motion..it’s a two step process.  There are many different ways to do eyeliner… and again this is another post but eyeliner too depends on the shape of your eyes.  I have almond shaped eyes and when I draw my eyeliner on I add a wing and focus on making the corners of my eye dark to open them up more.  I finish with mascara and before you know it… I look like a doe eyed blonde kitten.  That’s the look I go for when I’m out with my husband or family…to make my eyes look sexier I will add eyeliner on the bottom into my tear duct and on my waterline and smudge it in the corners and finish with mascara.

I know this is all like BLAH in your face but if you take the simple things that I’ve told you & you try it out, and like I said, go slow…you will slowly develop more skills.  Or maybe you should just keep following my blog and I’ll go into more detail about going balls to the wall on your eyes.  With more pictures and tutorials of course.  I’m still new at this so all my blogging is again, word vomit…things I’m so excited to talk about that they kind of just get thrown out there in a hot mess.  But if you have read what I’ve posted… by all means go to Pinterest or Google and type in ‘eyeshadow how to’ or ‘how to do winged eyeliner’ and maybe after reading this, you will understand it more.


IMG_6584And heres a cat doing Yoga.

Happy Monday.


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