I know…breathtaking


What people don’t realize is that I literally look like a train wreck going to bed and waking up…yeah I’ve over exaggerated it here but really people… to everyone whose all like “oh my gawd she looks soooo different without make up on”.  Lick it and stick it girlfriend… because I’m aware of this…I’m not a #blessed woman who has natural beauty..well I’m sure my sent from heaven husband would disagree but honestly I don’t.  In 7th grade I actually had no friends because I was told that I only wore make up to make guys like me…which yeah it was nice (te-he) but actually no I fell in love with make up- not that teens should wear make up that young, but my parents didn’t really say much about it and it was just Brittany being artistic again and expressing herself, way to go mom & dad!!  Everyone sees themselves differently (NEWSFLASH) and I view myself as a giraffe…an uncoordinated giraffe who is took skinny, pale, short legs, long torso, and has too big of eyes for her face.  But thats perception people…I accept compliments when people tell me I am pretty, mostly  just because it never goes well for you when you are like “nah, girl omg I look so shittay today, like I woke up 20 minutes ago” because in all reality ladies, you’re winged eyeliner is telling me that your “20 minutes” was more like “40” because only a magician could make cat eyes look that perfect under such a time crunch.

This post is supposed to be a post about skin.  Okay so look at it like this…what does paint go on better.  “a smooth canvas or a bumpy ear of corn?” okay really stretched that one out far but for real…If you don’t have a smooth canvas your make up is going to look really corny.. haha okay I’m just killin it right now.

When I wash my face I use Proactive.  I started it about a year ago when I got engaged.  I don’t have bad skin however, just uneven.  Occasionally I get cystic pimples which SUCK and they literally ruin my week, or month..sometimes they overstay their welcome.  But yeah, my skin is combination.  It is oily in my T-zone area and dry around my nose, lips, and chin.  I also have laugh lines and wrinkles on my forehead and between my eyebrows.  My husband calls it my “crinkle”.  My grandfather (rest his soul) had the “crinkle” as well so I don’t hate it too much but if I don’t exfoliate weekly it tends to look pretty gross.  Too make this easy, think of your skin like this.  Cornflakes.  The less you exfoliate the more cornflakes will accumulate on your skin causing your make up to go on like paint on a corn cob…It won’t work.  It will cake on and be uneven.  (Te-he my kitty just crawled on my chest…little things in life guys)  So exfoliating will get rid of those cornflakes and reveal healthy skin cells.  I use a small brush with bristles to exfoliate my face once a week…just because my face is sensitive and I don’t feel like breaking out.  So if you have Proactive you go through the steps and finish with a moisturizer.  I don’t apply moisturizer in the morning because my face is so oily, but at night…I lather it on like butter on corn.  –> I should be a comedian.

If you use something like Noxzema or Cetaphil, which I do recommend, follow up with a moisturizer or something with Vit. E in it.  Which is good for your skin ( I learned that in Nutrition Class).

Eye make up remover?  Do not spend 15$ on something…buy baby oil.  I pour some into my fingertips and rub it into my eyes…which are closed (just want to make that clear).  It works better than anything else I’ve tried and its maybe $4.  It lasts forever as well.  Feel free to put it in a pretty decanter or glass jar to make it look expensive.  I won’t tell.

So really that is my nightly routine…on top of popping some blackheads…DONT SQUEEZE THEM…I use the end of a tweezers and after applying a heated washcloth to my nose and forehead area, I push them out with the end.  Everyone should know that popping or squeezing anything will only worsen it.

There are the random nights that I feel like doing a hydrating masque or a clay masque…or a gelatin masque (look it up..its pretty neat)  but that honestly is rare… maybe it should be a New Years resolution.  MORE MASQUES! On top of more workouts, more organization, more money, more happy thoughts…you know..never ending.

What should I cover next?

Pry should just tune in to see.

That’s my way of saying I honestly have no idea… like I said.. my head is always in the clouds.  I have word vomit…whatever comes out may cause you to go oh yeah!! cool!! or it may cause you to be like wow…I’d rather lick the bottom of a garbage truck tire than read this broads blog.


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