War Paint


Put the concealer on after foundation.  Why? because when you put your foundation on top of it its just going to diminish more into your foundation defeating the purpose of the war paint.  What do I use to blend it with?  A $40 concealer brush…just kidding.  My fingers.  ERMAHGERD yer fingers?  Yup because fingers will blend it better into your skin and not leave brush lines…the only time I use a concealer brush is when I outline my eyebrows with concealer after filling them in, which then I go back in with my fingers and blend in.  The brush I use is the concealer brush from Bare Minerals.  I have had it for like 8 years and all I do is wash it about every other month & its good to perform.

How to wash brushes.

You need water and a brush cleaner.  If it says brush cleaner…you made the right choice..if you are doing a homemade one you found on Pinterest than okay.  If you are washing at $60 brush with homemade brush cleaner. Stop.   You are dumb.

I do not own any MAC brushes… I have a beer budget and champagne taste but I would not risk my brushes to a homemade brush cleaner simply because once you screw up the bristles, you might as well make a headstone for the brush because it’s gone.  I have extremely nice $40 brushes & I use… Brush & Sponge Cleanser & after they have dried they are brand new. I have never had any problems.

 Sonia Kashuk® Brush and Sponge Cleanser

I pour about a 1/3 cup into a big bowl & mix it with the same amount of water.  Get your brush wet and massage the bristles.  Then, put it into the bowl of cleanser & stir it around.  Your water will look like mud and then you rinse it.  Simple and saves the life of your brushes.  Dry the brush by squeezing the bristles together and forming the top of the brush back to its original state and let it dry over night.  This will kill the bacteria, help your make up go on smoother, help you to use less make up, and just make you feel like you’ve accomplished something huge.  (just wait till you see all the gross make up come out of the brush… then you will understand what I mean)

I have used many different kinds of concealers & you get what you pay for.  I currently use Amazing Concealer in light beige.  You honestly only need really small amount.

DSC03660 Smaller than a pea.  This is the most expensive concealer I have ever bought.  Damn near $30 but it was for my wedding and it did work really well.  I have a huge scar on my forehead from Chicken Pox so this is creamy enough to hide it.

On a normal day I use E.l.f …This works and blends easily and  has a highlighter on the other side for under your brows and in the inner tear duct of your eye.  Pretty niffty guys…and it’s $3.00.  Que the pelvic thrust.DSC03658

I just got my wedding photos in so naturally I’ve been putting them into frames and switching everything around because it’s just what I do man.  Basically what I’m trying to say is I have a really good book that I want to finish tonight and it’s way past my bedtime.  It’s 9:12 pm here in Minnesota and that means I’m a regular night owl as of now…no really I’m usually in bed by 8:30 pm.  So I’ll leave you with an aspiring picture to get you through to the next post.


…i know i know…stop it right meow.




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