I said it…might as well follow through.

Oh hey.So here goes something that I hope I follow through on..a blog.  My head is always in the clouds, I think too much, talk too much, you know..do too much unnecessary things to make life even more complicated. These days everything is about over sharing.  On Facebook “I AM SO BLESSED TO TELL YOU ALL THAT I GOT ALL MY LAUNDRY DONE TODAY”…Twitter “Partying tonight till the ceiling can’t hold me…” <— good for you I’m sitting at home with my cat watching my husband play Call of Duty.  (hahah…duty.)  So how about I overshare on a blog..you know this hipster way of doing things.  Writing for me is exercise for my brain…a de-stresser.  It’s something I don’t do enough ( like exercising my body)…Writing for me is when I can just word vomit all over the place and not worry so much about grammar (just spelled that with an “e” everyone..thanks spellcheck)…and make up words to describe how I’m feeling.  Today I feel like a pile of assholes because it’s Sunday.  I am Brittany formerly Davis, now Prilipp.  A 24 year old pre-school teacher with big dreams, small budget, big eyes, & a personality that’s more of an acquired taste for some.

My husband Adam is my big strong manly anchor that listens (most times) to every stupid, funny, some what smart thing that comes out of my mouth.  We are two people that are doing this whole married thing because after seven years of being together that’s what you do right?  You marry your best friend.

So here we are…trying to survive.  Survive? Yup…we are on a tight budget and I have a spending problem..hoarder problem? Nope..make up problem.  Make up, fake up, liquid vomit..whatever people call it these days..make up is my best friend-most days..somedays I feel like I put my make up on with a spatula but hey..you win some, you lose some.  Make up is art.  I like art.  Make up is something that women…and sometimes men…get the privilege of using when they like to tweak somethings that the big guy upstairs gave them.  And as for me… I believe that the way you choose to present yourself to others says a lot about you…except for right now… I’m sitting in my husbands boxers, glasses, no make up, and my sweater I wore last night..but you all can’t see me so its okay.  But really, join me on this journey and you may just get involved with my ordinary life that somehow is actually extraordinary because I make it that way…not on purpose.  It just happens.

This blog is primarily beauty related but I know that soon I will go all “How I became the person you see here today”  if you get the privilege of seeing me regularly… And I’ll probably go into faith, babies, married life, money, cats, fashion, make up, exercise, cooking… all that blog stuff.  Oh did I mention cats?  I really love cats.  Think about it…they love you when they want to.  They harass you when they are hungry and want attention.  They bite you when they want to and they look cute everyday.  They are the coolest things without even trying.




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