And I wake upppp…put on my make up…

What do I do every day for my make up?  Well, I’m a preschool teacher with 18 months-36 months so honestly if I know I’ll be dealing with parents a lot, or we have a concert, or a conference… I’ll put a little more “umph” into my look but otherwise it looks like this…


(my husband is currently trying to do his fantasy draft while yelling at Zelda to get out of our Christmas tree…excuse me while I sit here)– “Brittany she’s literally walking up our tree”… says husband.DSC03639


Primer to me is like a never ending battle.  You get what you pay for…no.  I always fail at primers.  Right now I’m using e.l.f primer which is good for $3 but I have had primers for like $45 that do nothing but rape your wallet.  A tip from my good friend Brittany (yes Brittany and her husband’s name is Adam too)..use Monistat for a primer…it makes your face super smooth & flawless.  I will be doing this shortly & following up on it.

I have had some primers that are so awful that make your face unable to move.  Avon has a good primer for a good price $8…but its trial and error for you..same with foundation..actually I’m going to be honest it’s like that for all make up.  It’s what works for you and your face.  I have uneven skin tone and chicken pox scars on my forehead and cheek…so filling it in with primer and concealer is a necessity everyday for me if I don’t want people staring at my huge divet on my forehead.  So I try out lots of different products.

Foundation- I have used almost every kind of foundation and so far my favorite foundation is the one I’m using right now…

Sonia Kashuk® Perfecting Luminous Foundation in 03 Cream

It goes in pretty well with my stipple brush from Sephora.  Ah!! another thing I need to talk about..brushes…  YOU DON’T NEED 900 BRUSHES PEOPLE!! YOU JUST NEED TO CLEAN THEM!!  –>more ranting later


To give your face a smooth finish as well…you gotta get rid of the baby hairs people..get a depilatory cream like Sally Hanson & put on for 5 minutes andit will take those baby hairs off your face making it super smooth!! (doesn’t work on mens back hair…from experience people)



This doesn’t need to happen everyday…I do it just because practice makes perfect but contouring is an awesome way to enhance..not change…enhance what you have.  A cheap contouring palette is the one from Blank Canvas Cosmetics.  I recently purchased it and I’m still learning the techniques.

In order to contour your face need to find out what kind of face shape you have.


This can help you determine that…it’s still kind of be honest I feel that I have a mixture of faces haha. I am a diamond as well as oblong.. (to me anyways)

IMG_6043 IMG_6197


Don’t worry guys..I’m aware I struggle with the “just look at my make up & not my real face” look.


I currently use …

L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Butterfly Mascara

And I honestly love it…I randomly tried it because to me mascara is mascara..nothing to spectacular but this works for me…its all about the brush.  Don’t listen to the commercials and advertisements talking about the lash formula, it is honestly all about the brush.  —dont forget to curl your lashes…heating up the lash curler with a blow dryer for a few seconds before really seals in the curl.  If you choose to curl your lashes after applying mascara wait 10 seconds on each eye to avoid clumping first off, but then at the base of your lashes press them upwards and hold for another few seconds..this will allow them to dry with a more open appearance… if that makes sense (?!)

PUBLIC SERVICE NOTE– You know those little eye lash marks that are on your eye lid after applying mascara..bish..wipe em off. wipe them off wipe them off WIPE THEM OFF.  It takes two seconds to get a q tip and rub that junk off.

And of course lets not forget the most important part if you are doing super simple make up for work…highlight the inner tear duct of your eye and right in the middle of your eye lid near the lash line.  This trick was discovered in the 90’s I believe… a make up artist noticed that babies and their tear ducts were brighter than older people (weird right…babies look younger than us?) but this said make up artist began highlighting the inner corner of women’s eyes and it brightened them up…sounds pretty simple and pretty boring but it really opens up your eyes.

So honestly that is what I do in my mornings… now I cannot say that I look stunning every morning because I’m usually running late.

On top of having amazing make up…you need to a stellar base.  Your skin.

To be continued my loves…


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